Hit the Road & Rest Easy: Motorhome Stays Now Available at Crawick Multiverse

Crawick Multiverse, nestled in the heart of Upper Nithsdale, has introduced an “Aires” overnight booking system.

An Aires is a designated area or facility that allows motorhomes or campervans to stay overnight. Originating from Europe, Aires has gained popularity as a convenient and cost-effective option for travellers seeking overnight accommodations.

This innovative offering has been met with resounding enthusiasm from visitors, enhancing their experience and further solidifying Crawick Multiverse’s position as a must-visit destination.

With the launch of this new service, the attraction aims to accommodate a wider range of explorers seeking a memorable overnight stay amidst the wonders of the Multiverse.

Positive Reception and Valuable Service:

Since the introduction of the “Aires” overnight booking system, Crawick Multiverse has been delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response from visitors.

Acting as a convenient solution for travellers, this service provides a unique opportunity to spend the night in close proximity to the captivating landscape and celestial charm of the attraction.

The convenience and added value of the Aires system have made it a valuable asset for visitors exploring not only Crawick Multiverse but also the surrounding Upper Nithsdale region.

Expressing Gratitude and Encouragement:

Crawick Multiverse extends its sincere gratitude to the visitors who have embraced this new service and demonstrated patience during the initial phase of its implementation. As with any novel addition, finding their footing with the Aires system required some adjustments, and the support and understanding of visitors have been greatly appreciated. The attraction is excited to welcome many more happy campers as this service continues to evolve.

Easy Booking Process:

To secure an overnight stay at Crawick Multiverse, visitors can conveniently book through the attraction’s official website.

A dedicated button allows guests to access the booking system and reserve their spot for up to one night.

With the ability to make bookings up to seven days in advance, travellers have ample opportunity to plan their visit and experience the breathtaking beauty of the Multiverse under a starlit sky.

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