Meet the Queen and Help Save our Honeybees in a NEW Family Event this weekend!

Visitors to Castle Kennedy Gardens will be able to meet the Queen (bee) this weekend at a NEW family event in a partnership with the Western Galloway Beekeepers’ Association (WGBA).

The event, called The Wonders of Honey Bees, will take place this Sunday 14 August between 10am and 4pm, and invites families and individuals to meet the Queen and her loyal servants. Visitors need only pay the normal garden admission and come at any point during these times to make the most of a great opportunity to learn more about how everyone can help bees against the dangers of modern life and discover why they are so essential for our environment.

A special observation hive will allow visitors to get up close and personal with bees, in complete safety, to watch the Queen Bee command her workforce carry out a rigorous routine, with members of the WGBA on hand to offer fascinating insights into the lives of honeybees. In the glorious setting of one of Scotland’s finest Gardens visitors will be able to see the types of specialist equipment used by Beekeepers, protective bee suits and examples of bee hives. Delicious local honey will be also be available for visitors to sample and buy.

Western Galloway Beekeepers’ Association has around fifty members and their aim is to promote the art and practice of beekeeping and encourage younger people to take up the study of the safe handling of bee colonies. The group provides expert advice on how best to help bees thrive in South West Scotland, an area which has more opportunity than some to assist in the healthy breeding of the species.

People are becoming more aware of the plight of bees in Scotland and the rest of the UK.  Without them our environment and economy are threatened as they play such a vital role in our eco-system.  Honeybees are desperately needed to pollinate the fruit and vegetables we eat which otherwise cost farmers billions of pounds. Now unfortunately bees are facing bigger dangers than ever including toxic pesticides, the effects of climate change and the loss of their habitat.


Bees are also responsible for the rich flower diversity to be found at Castle Kennedy Gardens and beyond as many flowering plants cannot self-pollinate. The bright flowers we see today have evolved to attract bees and in return for pollination they provide a nutritious nectar which the bees drink and transport to the hive to share with the Queen, and also feed the hive bees.

Linda Robertson, Secretary of Western Galloway Beekeepers’ Association, said;

“Honey Bees are fascinating creatures and beekeeping is a brilliant hobby, covering everything from carpentry to botany to food hygiene. I hope that locals and visitors will come along to Castle Kennedy Gardens on Sunday to meet our members and some of our bees, and to find out what they can do to help Honey Bees.”

Lady Stair of Stair Estates said;


Scotland’s bees are under threat, but we can all play a part in helping them by creating bee-friendly gardens and other spaces.  We are thrilled to have the Western Galloway Beekeeping Association with us for a day to explain how we can all play a part in helping bees.  Making our Gardens and allotments more friendly to bees is easy to do – and can make a real difference.  Imagine if every garden, park and school grounds had bee-friendly flowers and we grew wildflowers on our roundabouts and verges, we could create huge nature reserves for pollinators. We hope you will join us to find out more and to see the bees close up at work.”

For more information about The Western Galloway Beekeepers’ Association meet with members at the Wonders of Honeybees this Sunday 14th August or log onto www.wgba.btck.co.uk

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