Inconsiderate Parking Causing Issues At Closed Forests

The call to heed FLS advice comes after some visitors arriving at the closed Scolty Woods car park (by Banchory) have been parking inconsiderately and blocking the through road.

Fiona Robertson, FLS Area Visitor Services Manager, said;

“Scolty Woods is just one of many of our forests in the north east that was badly hit by the recent storms and has been closed for safety reasons.
“Dealing with the aftermath of the storms across all of those woodlands is a monumental task that requires significant amounts of planning and preparation. We are working hard behind the scenes to get everything in place and that includes accessing forest to continue with our survey and planning work.
“That means we need clear access, which is one of the reasons we ask members of the public to heed our advice – if locations are closed for safety reasons, please stay away.
“Disregarding this advice not only puts visitors at potential risk but is also making our task all the more difficult.
“It is also creating unnecessary difficulties for local householders by hampering access to their properties, and would also hinder emergency services access, should it be required.”

Members of the public are advised to always check the FLS destination pages for the latest updates on which forests in the area are open.