James Clerk Maxwell Family Science Festival This Weekend

160 years ago, Parton’s James Clerk Maxwell discovered that visible light propagates as electromagnetic waves, defined equations that govern these waves and thus enabled all the technology of today.

Of course, being a genius, he packed a lot more into his 48 years including calculating the make-up of Saturn’s rings, presenting the first ever colour photograph, setting up the world-renowned Cavendish laboratories, modelling the forces on buildings and writing poetry. All this, yet he lies in Parton Kirk Cemetery right here in Galloway, little known to the public.

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To address this lack of public awareness, the James Clerk Maxwell Family Science Festival takes place this weekend, promising a range of activities, from the educational to the straight-out fun!

On Friday (13th March), come to Parton Village Hall for talks by Ben Craven PhD on ‘The Science of Colour’ and Photographer Kim Ayers on ‘Playing with the Aesthetics of Light’.

Saturday (14th March) is ‘Family Day’ in the Parton kirk and Parton hall, from 10am until 4pm. A whole range of shows and events, workshops, planetarium and shows. Turn up anytime, free entry.

Parton Community Council wish to create a permanent facility to celebrate the achievements of the local lad. The Family Science Festival, 13th March evening and 14th March, supported by the Galloway Glens Scheme and Dumfries Science Festival marks the official start of this project.

McNabb Laurie, Galloway Glens Team Leader, said:

“Cited by Einstein as his main inspirations, this festival is a great opportunity to raise the profile of James Clerk Maxwell, one of the greats. The Galloway Glens Scheme is delighted to have been able to fund the project and our thanks go to the National lottery Heritage Fund for their support.”

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