Latest Signage Unveiled At Loch Ken

New Signage installed on the west bank of Loch Ken is the latest mark of progress by partners around the Loch, helping to provide information and encourage responsible behaviour from visitors.

Loch Ken is the largest body of freshwater in Southern Scotland, hosting a variety of users and groups. Loch Ken Trust was established to “promote the natural, cultural and recreational assets of the Loch Ken area for the benefit of the public and to support sustainable local communities.”

Work is proceeding on several fronts under this aim, both on a strategic level but also – of equal importance – making tangible improvements around the Loch itself. This week sees the installation of 3 new signs on the west bank of the loch which set out guidelines for use of the loch, outlining how to obtain a fishing permit, how to register a motorboat and other information.

Loch Ken Trust, Chairman, Alan Smith, said:

Loch Ken Trust has identified the need for better, coherent signage around the loch. A good first step last year was the installation of a new information board at the public slipway on the east bank and we are now delighted to have worked with New Galloway Angling Association to install 3 new signs on their stretch of the west bank. A lot of thought has gone into the physical design of these signs as it was important that, whilst providing a lot of important information, they also sit well in their beautiful locations.”

After the new signs were unveiled, John Barker, from the New Galloway Angling Association, said:

“The signs provide information for visitors, including where to purchase fishing permits, the way to register a boat, and how enjoy the facilities in a safe and responsible manner. The guidelines were facilitated by Loch Ken Trust, thanks to generous support from the Galloway Glens Scheme. This follows the introduction of Loch Ken Trust branded fishing permits, and volunteer identification, again provided with the aid of the Galloway Glens Scheme. The Angling Association are delighted with the assistance from both parties, and proud to be key partners of the Trust.”

McNabb Laurie, Galloway Glens Team leader, added:

“It is great to see the new signs in place. It is thanks to lottery players around the country that these, and the New Galloway Angling Association ID badge, can be provided.
Looking ahead to the summer period, these signs play a vital role in telling visitors that Loch Ken is special, that it is being looked after, and that all users need to do likewise.”

If you would like to get in touch with the Loch Ken Trust, or if you would like to join as a member, please contact Barnaby Fryer, Loch Ken Trust Officer on: [email protected].