Learning About The Land: Launching A Series Of Free Skillshare Events

A series of sustainable land use workshops are being planned near Balmaclellan, as part of the work of the Hidden Mill Permaculture LAND (Learning and Network Demonstration) Centre.

The Galloway Glens Scheme is 5 years of co-ordinated activity in the Ken/Dee valley in South West Scotland, seeking to connect people their heritage, while boosting the local economy and supporting sustainable communities. The headline scheme runs from 2018 until 2023, with a range of projects underway. As well as the headline suite of projects, the Galloway Glens includes a dedicated ‘Our Heritage’ Small Grants Scheme. 23 awards have now been made through the scheme, totalling more than £76,000 in value.

A recipient of funding through the ‘Our Heritage’ Small Grants Scheme is Propagate Community Interest Company, based on the Hidden Road in the Glenkens. The group behind this innovative venture is making plans to use their award to undertake a range of outdoor skills share events in coming months.

The first event is ‘Wild Food & Plant Medicine’, scheduled for 15th May, 1pm-4pm.

Led by expert herbalist Alex Ross who has over 25 years’ experience, this event will give attendees an insight into the multiple benefits that our native herbs can deliver. Alex has grown many of her own herbs and produces creams, teas and tinctures for her clients.

This ‘Wild Food & Plant Medicine’ workshop is the first of a series being proposed in coming months. These are being organised with Covid-19 restrictions in mind, and national guidance will have to be assessed closer to each event date itself.

To book your free ticket on the ‘Wild Food & Plant Medicine’ event, click here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wild-food-and-plant-medicine-tickets-150946028635

The second event is ‘Soil & Soul’ on 31st July, 11-4pm. Essential for the building blocks of all growing and food production, soil contains life by the billions. But soil also needs our help. This event will guide you through a day of soil building, getting mulchy, compost, biodiversity and good soil health.

The event will also delve deeper into how good soil is good for human health and wellbeing, nourishing your soul and facilitating our connection with nature.

Book your free ‘Soil & Soul’ ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/soil-and-soul-tickets-136456048715

Subsequent events include ‘Drystane Dyking’ on August 21st and ‘Scything’ on September 25th. More details coming soon. All events are free to attend.

Abi Mordin, looking ahead at the series of events, said:

“These workshops are all about connecting people to the land, to our natural heritage. We are offering experiences and learning in a range of skills which can help to develop resilience, as well as seeing land and nature through fresh eyes.”

Galloway Glens Team Leader McNabb Laurie added:

“So many of our modern-day ‘revelations’ about the natural world consist of things we used to know but the knowledge has simply been lost. These events seek to connect attendees to parts of our heritage that might have slipped from modern understanding or use.
I am so grateful for our funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, with support from partners including the Council’s Environment Team, for allowing these events to be supported.”

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