10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Moffat


The busy town of Moffat gently rests on the eastern edge of Dumfries and Galloway, right in the heart of Southern Scotland.

It boasts fantastic transport connections, being only 3 minutes from the A74(M). Edinburgh, Glasgow, and beyond, are an easy drive in the north and Carlisle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the Lake District, and beyond, are all within reach in the South, and the whole of Dumfries and Galloway to the west is easily accessible from the A75.

More info about Moffat can be found by Clicking this link http://www.visitmoffat.co.uk/


Moffat and the surrounding area offer the great outdoors at it’s very best. If it’s walking, cycling, hill walking or sports like fishing and golfing Moffat has it all and much much more.

The Moffat hills are part of the southern uplands of Scotland . They form a distinctly triangular shape with a west facing side, a north facing side, and a south-east facing side. It is 17 kilometres from east to west across this triangle and some 16 kilometres north to south. The highest point is White Combe at 821 m (2694 ft).

Fishing on the  River Annan starts  at Threewaters where the river Annan, the Evan and Moffat Water meet. The river produces good sea trout in May and some fine salmon at the end of the season, when the water is high. Brown trout and Grayling give good sport too.

Cycling in the area around Moffat is fantastic for all levels of cycling skills, plus a little further into Dumfries and Galloway, thereis some of the world’s finest mountain biking tracks at Mabie, Ae Forest Dalbeattie and Kirroughtree.

For families and the leisure cyclist, there are a number of more sedate cycling routes along some of Moffat’s old country roads, giving you many places to stop, rest and take in the stunning scenery of the Moffat Hills.

More info on this link: http://scotland.forestry.gov.uk/activities/mountain-biking/7stanes/what-are-the-7-stanes


Moffat has claim to the Narrowest Hotel in the world – The Famous Star Hotel in Moffat which dates from the late 1700’s and found its fame for being the world’s narrowest hotel AS MENTIONED IN THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS. The hotel is only 20ft wide and 162ft long, narrowThe Famous Star Hotel mthin but it has a BIG personality.

Moffat also lays claim to having the narrowest street in Scotland, Syme Street and the Shortest street in Scotland, Chapel Street.


If knitted jockeys & racing sheep are your thing then Moffat is the place for you.  Every year thousands of spectators FLOCK to the town to enjoy the specatcle of prime Dumfriesshire ewes galloping and leaping down Moffat’s picturesque High Street. The event offers the  chance for EWE with backing the winners at  betting booths. There is no pulling the WOOL over your eyes, Moffat is a town that really can offer fun for all the family.


In September each year Moffat marks the  anniversary of the Battle of Britain and local hero who was responsible for the winning of that battle.

Air Chief Marshall, Hugh Dowding of Moffat ( Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding, 1st Baron Dowding, born Moffat 1882, died Kent 1970, buried in Westminster Abbey) was responsible for anticipating and preparing for what became The Battle of Britain. Meticulous in his preparation, he developed a workable chain of command, backed the development of radar, replaced outdated bi-planes with Hurricanes and Spitfires, and then prudently managed his resources during the Battle of Britain, having refused to sacrifice them to the battle for France when he regarded that as already lost.

The Dowding memorial ( Main Photo) was unveiled in 1972 in Moffat’s station park, 2 years after his death, and each year since a service has been held commemorating Dowding and marking the anniversary of victory in the Battle of Britain.


The Moffat Ram is a famous tourist attraction that stands proudly in the centre of the town. It is the symbol of the towns rich history and connected to the sheep and wool trade. The Statue was a gift to the people of Moffat by businessman William Colvin, and was originally a drinking fountain; it is his ghost who is credited with the tapping sounds often heard coming from the statue.

Legend has it that William Brodie the sculptor of the famous Moffat Ram statue haunts a local Hotel which stands opposite.

After William Colvin had commissioned the sculpture, there was a grand unveiling ceremony held. During the ceremony a local farmer noticed the ram “Had nae lugs” and it is said he shouted out the fact to all the crowd at the gathering.

On closer examination, it was evident the Moffat Ram had no ears. This mistake became too much burden for Brodie who supposedly committed suicide, and he is said to wander the corridors of the nearby hotel on an eternal search for the missing lugs.


Moffat has an amazing vast array of wonderful places to eat and drink, including a great choice of Cafe’s and coffee shops, Pubs and Bars, Chip shops and takeaways, Hotels and Restaurants within the town and nearby surrounding area, but for us there is one that stands out as our favourite and that is ‘Claudios’ a family owned a run Italian restaurant that is located in the towns old police station.

It was on Monday, 24th June 1996  that Claudio and Florence Capriglione opened their dream business in the picturesque town of Moffat, Dumfries and Galloway. Bringing their Italian flair and family recipes and using local produce  they created dishes that are still popular with customers, old and new to this day. The Capriglione’s have been celebrating their 20 year anniversary of opening the doors of Claudio’s Restaurant, Moffat earlier in 2016.

If you are looking for an authentic Italian welcome and food for either an intimate romantic night or a large celebration book your table by calling 01683 220 958


Moffat is famous for its waterfall ‘ The Grey Mares Tail’ which is the fifth highest waterfall in the UK. Surrounded by uniquely dramatic scenery, Grey Mare’s Tail is a superb example of a hanging valley. You can take a ten-minute walk for spectacular views of the fall, which cascades from Loch Skeen into the Moffat Water Valley from a rocky precipice 60m (200ft) above or climb the steep slopes of White Coomb (821m/2,694ft, the highest hill in Dumfriesshire) for even more spectacular views.You can also see the Tail Burn ‘fort’, an Iron Age earthwork. Although it has long been known as the ‘Giant’s Grave’ it is not a burial mound, and may be defensive or perhaps even a ritual site.

More info on this link http://www.nts.org.uk/Property/Grey-Mares-Tail-Nature-Reserve/


Started in 1998, by the Scottish Rootes Enthusiasts, the Moffat car rally has grown to become one of the biggest 2 day classic car events in Scotland. Set in the beautiful Moffat hills, the rally is an incredible place to both exhibit your cherished classic or vintage motor car and is a wonderful visitor experience.

The rally accommodates 900 entries some of which come hundreds of miles to participate. This 2 day event has a drive through the Moffat hills on the Saturday which is a glorious sight and Sunday is the main gathering in the Moffat showground, with a large display of classic cars, auto-jumble/trade stands and childrens entertainment.

The Rally continues to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support and other cancer charities. Many of our families, friends and fellow classic car enthusiasts are touched in one way or another by cancer and this helps our major fundraising efforts for this great event.

Classic car fans and many of the entrants will be travelling from Europe, some down from the Shetland Isles, many from Northern Ireland, Wales as well as Kent, Cornwall and Dorset to take part in this amazing 2 day event. More info on this link

More info on this link http://www.sre-scot.co.uk/


The Devil’s Beef Tub is a vast deep, dramatic hollow in the hills just north of Moffat. The 500-foot (150 m) deep hollow is formed by four hills, Great Hill, Peat Knowe, Annanhead Hill, and Ericstane Hill.  Steeped in history it is the one of of the River Annan. The unusual name derives from its use by the Border reivers  namely the Johnstone clan, whose enemies referred to them as “devils”, to hide stolen cattle , with the valleys steep banks and only one easy way in and out, it is imagined to be a place that the animals would not of strayed out of easily.

So from our 10 wee facts about the wonderful Town of Moffat, you can see that this stunning part of Dumfries and Galloway truly has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for somewhere new to live or if you are just wanting to visit a stunning place for a weekend or holiday Moffat has it all. So if you happen to be a GP looking for somwhere special to start a new adventure, then Moffat might well be the place for you. More info on the loss of Doctors in Moffat can be found on this link  https://www.dgwgo.com/dumfries-galloway-news/no-gps-left-at-high-street-surgery-moffat/