New Viewpoint Created on Little Wood Hill at Threave Nature Reserve

On 15th and 16th of July, 22 dykers and willing volunteers congregated for a Joint Dry Stone Walling Association members event at the National Trust for Scotland’s Threave Nature Reserve to create a new dry stone feature on Little Wood Hill. Including dyking repairs nearby, more than 19 metres of dyke were worked on in total across the two days.

The South West Scotland Branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association invited members from across the country to help build a hilltop view point on 15th and 16th July at the National Trust Scotland’s Threave Nature Reserve. A circular dyke was built to provide shelter for walkers who wish to admire the panoramic views across the countryside. The weekend event attracted 22 people from across southern Scotland and the North West of England to build the new feature and repair nearby field boundaries. Participants and onlookers were able to learn more about the unique character of local stone and tradition building styles.

Nic Coombey, Chairman of the South West Scotland branch of the Dry Stone Walling Association, said:

“It was brilliant to meet dykers from far and wide and create a lasting feature in a fabulous setting.” 

Threave Nature Reserve’s Estate Manager, David Thompson, said:

“What a privilege it has been working with the DSWA again at the joint branch meeting. We achieved a great deal over the weekend, showcasing such an important heritage skill and completing a wonderful dry stone feature, as well as 7m of repair including a cheek end. We had many visitors who took an interest in what we were doing, which was absolutely brilliant. I loved to work with all the different individuals. Particular thanks to Garth Heinrich, Nic Coombey and Linda Wilson. Keeping alive an important heritage skill!”

The event was 50% funded by the National Trust for Scotland and 50% by the Galloway Glens Scheme. 

The Galloway Glens Scheme is a 5-year project based in the Stewartry region of Dumfries and Galloway. An initiative of Dumfries & Galloway Council’s Environment Team, it is funded by a range of partners including the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The Galloway Glens Scheme aims to connect people to their heritage and to support modern rural communities. www.gallowayglens.org.