Parton’s James Clerk Maxwell Family Science Festival Is A Huge Success

500 hundred people of all ages attended the James Clerk Maxwell Family Science Festival in Parton, Dumfries and Galloway on Saturday March 14th. Sponsored by Galloway Glens and Falgunzeon Glider Club, Dumfries Science Festival.

In the Village Hall participants enjoyed many hands-on experiments;
firing rockets, mixing slime, making sherbet, balancing butterflies, effective handwashing
and learning about the light spectrum. Millie Julian and Charlotte Toon won glider trips in
the Light Catcher photographic competition. Meanwhile in the Kirk, Professor Pumpernickel
thrilled and educated with explosions, jokes and facts. Although a complete contrast, the
tranquil planetarium was no less popular. A great an interactive time was had by all without
an iPad in sight.

Threave Partnership’s David James said: “Thank goodness that we did not over promote the event. We were just on a comfortable maximum. Our caterer dropped out at the last moment. Fortunately, my mother stepped in and served free coffee, tea and biscuits for 6 hours. We have all got to muck in difficult times. It was great to see local people not beingput off by doom and gloom but turning out in droves to have fun with science. Bring on thenext one!”

The Family day followed Friday’s Village Hall talks on The Theory of Colour by Ben Craven
PHD and the aesthetics of light by Photographer Kim Ayers. Ben showed how light is
composed and how we see it. Kim demonstrated some of the professional light techniques.
These events mark the start of journey to create a permanent James Clerk Maxwell centre in Parton.

150 years ago, James Clerk Maxwell made breakthroughs that continue to shape
the world today. Science insiders know him as one of the greats. It is time to bring him
appropriate public recognition and use the legacy of his achievements to inspire of rural

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