Open Your Imagination This October With The Scottish Geology Festival

The Scottish Geology Festival 2021 has made quite a splash this autumn during Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters. Launched on the 1st of September and running to the 17th October, the Scottish Geology Trust and partners will continue to deliver a packed programme of activities across the country, showcasing and celebrating Scotland’s incredible geology.

Geology and Beach Pebble events for all to enjoy until the 17th October

From guided walks, to self-guided tours, beach pebble events and online courses, you can explore Scotland’s amazing geology no matter how much or little you know about the subject. The Scottish Geology Trust is on a mission to prove geology isn’t just a thing of the past, but a tool for exploring our future too.


Dr Katie Strang, Secretary of the Scottish Geology Trust, said:

During the festival we’ve seen events taking place from the Scottish Borders all the way to Sheltland, and even the Yorkshire Coast! So far, we’ve spoken to hundreds of people; those new to geology and those with a keen interest. People have discovered the tales of ancient environments told by their local geology: from pebbles composed of explosive volcanic rock, to gorgeous agates and  even tropical marine fossils. There are still a good number of events coming up, so be sure to get involved before we wrap up this year’s Festival.” 


In celebrating Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters, the Trust has organised a spread of beach pebble events all around Scotland’s coastline. These events are for everyone and will explore the stories hidden in every pebble. Come and find out how they can lead us to a more sustainable future. There is even a free beach pebble guide for those interested and attending the events. Visit www.scottishgeologytrust.org/beach-pebble-guide to download this guide.


All in-person events will adhere to Scottish Government advice to minimise the spread of Coronavirus. The Scottish Geology Festival is organised by the Scottish Geology Trust. For details of all festival events, visit www.scottishgeologytrust.org/festival

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