Scottish Geology Festival to Erupt with Events Across Country

Explore and enjoy Scotland’s past, present, and future through geology from 

1st September- 8th October

Scotland is a place like no other, with its unique landscapes, heritage, and stories still to be told from the rocks that lie beneath our feet and under our seas. These rocks have sculpted our country’s culture and industry, creating this special place we call home. The Scottish Geology Festival will offer the opportunity to learn about these incredible stories hidden within Scotland’s rocks through guided walks, online talks, boat trips and geological exhibitions – there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


Now in its fourth year running, the Scottish Geology Festival will be kicking off 1st September with more than 50 fantastic events hosted until 8th October. The Scottish Geology Trust and partners will deliver a packed programme of events and activities across the country and online, showcasing and celebrating Scotland’s unique geology.


Dr Katie Strang, Director of the Scottish Geology Festival, said:

“The Scottish Geology Trust are delighted to deliver another exciting Scottish Geology Festival. The festival is a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore Scotland’s incredible landscapes, learning how they have been shaped over millions of years by geological processes, revealing the secrets and tales of our planet’s past. From violent volcanic eruptions to tropical coal swamps, and dinosaurs to earthquakes – the rocks beneath our feet provide endless opportunities for adventure, education, and discovery.”


From ‘Rock Doctors’ to ‘Volcano Talks’, ‘Tombstones and Tales’ to beach pebble weekends, visitors are guaranteed an exciting range of events for all ages and levels of interest throughout the festival. Attendees can even enjoy a weekend exploring the awesome pebbles which erode from the conglomerate cliffs, deposited by an ancient Mississippi-sized river over 400 million years ago.


Dr Robert Holdsworth, Chair of the Scottish Geology Trust, said:

“Scotland has a secret. It’s unique character and long history of scholarship, innovation and industry are rooted quite literally in the rocks that lie beneath our feet and beneath the sea. I encourage all to come along to festival events to learn a little bit about that secret. It could change the way you look at the world as it has influenced so much of this nation’s history, traditions, and ambitions to tackle climate change.”


The festival is organised and hosted by the Scottish Geology Trust. With a fantastic spread of events on across Scotland, this year’s festival is sure to offer exciting days out and memorable experiences for all. For details of festival events visit www.scottishgeologytrust.org/festival.

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