Steel Wildlife Sculptures To Go On Display At WWT Caerlaverock

A stunning ‘Wild Steel’ Sculpture Trail is coming to WWT Caerlaverock and will be on site from Sat 22 May to Sat 28 August.

Geoff Forrest is a sculptor based at Loch Doon in the Galloway Forest. He takes his inspiration from the flow of water and the bending winds that shape the environment. Like these moments of change, quick sketches in steel catch the spirit and outline of birds and mammals, his favourite being the hare.

The ‘Wild Steel’ Sculpture trail by local sculptor, Geoff Forrest, will open on 22nd May and run until 28th August. Geoff works in mild steel which he bends by hand, then welds together to create sculptures which capture the spirit and outline of birds and animals.

Species iconic to WWT Caerlaverock will be displayed out in the wild landscape of the wetland reserve. The pieces are all for sale. For more information and to book, see the website: https://www.wwt.org.uk/…/exhibition-by-geoff-forrest/5634 

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