Swap Your Unwanted Items at Loreburn Hall This Weekend

A unique swap shop event is taking place in Dumfries this weekend which will allow people to get clothes, gifts and other items without any cash changing hands.

People will be able to bring along unwanted items or things they have made and exchange them at the No Money Swap Shop at Loreburn Hall this Sunday from 10am for an entry fee of just £6 per person or if you need a table there is a cost of £20.

The event will help Dumfries folk during the cost of living crisis and provide a more sustainable way to do their shopping.

The event is the brainchild of the Big Burns Supper team who are inviting people to bring their unwanted items and swap them for things you need.

Organiser Emily Tough said: “Almost everyone has unwanted or no longer needed goods in their home and with a few simple swaps shoppers will be able to redistribute items responsibly and ethically. Whether it’s clothing, plants, tools, artwork, records/CDs or electrical items, everything is welcome at the (No Money) Swap Shop.”

The Swap Shop will have a £6 entry fee to cover overheads, but that will also get you a hot drink. Then you can put your money away safe in the knowledge you’ll need no cash.
Anyone bringing items – such as clothes, houseplants or cakes – will then be given vouchers which can then be swapped for other items which will be exhibited in categories around the hall.

Everything will be categorised and placed clearly on display so that swappers can easily see what’s on offer.

A repair shop will also be on hand to give advice on how to fix or re-work old or new items to give them a new lease of life.

According to research from Gumtree the average person is housing 56 unwanted items, and nearly half of the nation are planning to purchase more second hand goods this year.
The Big Burns Supper Team is also on the lookout for volunteers to help the event run smoothly on the day.

Emily added: “We are expecting the event will be popular, so we’d love some extra hands to help distribute the tickets and if they have a specialist interest to advise customers on their newly acquired swaps.”

For more information on how you can shop and save the planet at same time click here.

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