The Curious Conundrum of Jenny’s Loaning, Castle Douglas

How many of you have driven down Jenny’s Loaning in Castle Douglas, while on the school run or just when heading home or to visit folk, and never noticed in your rear view mirror the set of traffic lights point the wrong way?

Well sharp eyed local photographer Allan Wright, posted about this conundrum about this very small, narrow little ‘One Way Street’ that has traffic lights pointing in the wrong direction, on  his facebook page last night and it caused quite a stir indeed.

Allan said ” I thought it might take a second or two for it to twig – there is something completely wrong in this picture!” But before long the explanations came flooding in.

Local Wildlife expert ‘Keith Kirk’ knew the answer and he commented ” Jenny’s loaning has been a one way street for over 30 years. Which was long before they put up  the mystery traffic lights. The lights were erected a few years ago when knocking down the old school primary school to make way for the new one, so the heavy lorries could leave that way, which they never used and the council have been too lazy to take them down. This causes much confusion now.”

Keith went on to say ” I’ll bet people will still drive up it the wrong.  See it regularly “

Photo supplied by Allan Wright Photographic

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