The Wild Woods of Western Europe – Free Online Event

From ancient woodlands to forests-long-gone, what have we learned? With the inspirational tale of Carrifran and photographs of ancient places, how can we improve upon what we have and how urgent is it?

This event will combine carbon storage, biodiversity, arts and culture and will consist of three presentations from around the country via Zoom.

First, looking at the inspirational project at Carrifran, planting a wild wood fit for the 21st century. Hugh Chalmers of Borders Forest Trust has been involved in this project from the inception. Hugh will discuss the how and the why of sculpting a forest from scant evidence in the peat.

Environmental Artist and photographer Scott Hunter will then display some of his work studying carbon sequestration properties of moss and the influence of seasonal phenological transitions on forest ecosystems.

The event will be rounded off with a presentation by Dr Mike Perks, Senior Scientific Climate Officer for Forestry & Land Scotland. Mike will discuss the design and retention of modern woodland as part of the suite of measures we need to take to tackle climate change.

In addition, we have a surprise performance weaving its way through and around the entire event…

Tickets are free and available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-wild-woods-of-western-europe-tickets-176609974187.

This is the latest event in the Galloway Glens Autumn/Winter programme, overseen by Nick Chisholm, Galloway Glens Project Officer. Looking ahead to the event on 17th November, Nick said:

Woodlands are magical place that are full of surprises. They are places of amazing biodiversity, in the canopy, on and within the boughs of great trees, on the ground and within undisturbed soil. Woodland in the right place and in the right condition is a natural carbon storage solution, but they also provide us with tools, building materials and, of course pleasure. On the 17th of November we will be exploring all sorts of woody topics and solutions!
Everyone is talking about trees at the moment. Join us in the conversation!

The event is being supported by the Communities for Diverse Forestry (CDF) initiative. Morag Paterson, from CDF, said:

“I’m very excited that the Galloway Glens is hosting the Wild Woods of Western Europe event, there’s never been a more important time to talk about trees, to learn about the ancient woods we have remaining, the one’s we’ve lost and why we urgently need to plant new ones. It’s a fantastic and diverse mix of speakers, and I’m looking forward to hearing about a very inspirational forest restoration project.”


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