Too spooky for two wheels?

Cycling Dumfries are kicking off their winter bike ride season in spooky style, defying the clocks going back and the winter darkness with an after-dark ride.

The first of the winter outings is a Halloween Ride starting at 4pm at the town centre end of Dock Park on Sunday 30th October.  This 25 mile ride will head into the gathering dusk – out and round the Glenkiln reservoir, then back to the warmth of a Dumfries pub for those who fancy it.

The clocks will have gone back, but don’t let that spoil your riding fun. A chance to check out your lights for the winter commuting season, and laugh in the face of the shortening days.

As it’s almost Halloween who knows what might be seen once the darkness gathers? There will also be the chance to use a bat detector, to help identify any of these night time creatures that may still be flying before hibernation.

A note for those joining us, particularly families: Cycling Dumfries welcomes riders of all ages and speeds, but this is an approximately 25 mile ride with some sharp climbing and a long descent. We will be returning after dark, so lights are essential. Spooky costumes are optional.

And this is just the start! Keep an eye out for the rest of the themed winter rides from now until February. Visit Cycling Dumfries at cyclingdumfries.wordpress.com or email for more information to [email protected].

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