C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Annual sale of organic cattle in Dumfries on Monday where they had an entry of 124.

Trade was competitive although due to the lack of fodder and reduced deadweight values they would be easier on the year.


97 Bullocks Ave 268.6p/kg To 301.4p/kg and £1275.

27 Heifers  Ave 224.2p/kg to 261.2p/kg and £1210.


Per Head


Charolais to £1275 & £1160 Woolfords.

Simmental to £1210 & £1160 Outer Blair.

Hereford to £1080 Woolfords.



Angus to £1210 & £1080 Outer Blair.


Per Kilo


Charolais to 301p & 298p Woolfords.

British Blue to 277p Upper Locharwoods.

Hereford to 276p Woolfords.



British Blue to 251p Upper Locharwoods.


The firm also sold 214 non organic cattle. All classes looked sharper.


118 Bullocks Ave 220.2p/kg To 269p/kg and £1245.

24 Holstein Bullocks Ave 136.2p/kg to 166p/kg and £805.

52 Heifers  Ave 213.7p/kg to 259.2p/kg and £1100.

20 Bulls Ave 232.6p/kg to 275p/kg and £1030.


Per Head


Charolais to £1245 & £1170 Marwhirn, £1000 Cormaddie.

Angus to £1145 & £1110 Branteth, £1090 Cormaddie, £1065 Shenrick.

Limousin to £1115 Bankswood, £1035 Cormaddie, £1030 High Auchneel, £1020 Shenrick.

British Blue to £1045 & £1025 Backburn.

Simmental to £1025 & £1000 Cormaddie.

Norwegian Red to £920 Shenrick.

Montbeliard to £910 Gimmenbie.

Hereford to £910 Cormaddie.

Holstein to £805 Shenrick.



British Blue to £1100 Midtown, £920 & £915 Backburn.

Limousin to £1050 Gimmenbie, £1000 Bush of Craigs.

Montbeliard to £1000 Gimmenbie.

Angus to £925 Woodhead.

Hereford to £915 High Auchneel.

Simmental to £915 High Auchneel.



Limousin to £1030 & £1010 Bankswood, £950 Skipmyre.

Angus to £950 Bankswood.

Charolais to £890 Stockholm.


Per Kilo


Charolais to 259p Skipmyre.

Simmental to 253p Cormaddie.

Shorthorn to 257p Skipmyre.

British Blue to 253p Backburn.

Limousin to 242p High Auchneel, 241p Bush of Craigs.

Angus to 232p Balcarry.



British Blue to 259p Backburn.

Limousin to 239p Bush of Craigs.



Limousin to 274p & 264p Stockholm.

Charolais to 250p Stockholm.



Next Sale Monday 16th April 2018.


DUMFRIES Young Calves 02.04.18


C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of calves in Dumfries on Monday.


Good attendance of buyers. More required to fulfil buyers needs.


Bull Calves

Simmental to £500 Lochbank.

British Blue to £260 Newhouse.

Angus to £240 Newhouse.


Heifer Calves

Simmental to £540 Lochbank.


Next Calf Sale Monday 16th April 2018


Alistair Watret 07715 499 320




C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries.

91 Cattle Forward:


12 Prime Cattle: Were easily sold with best quality in short supply.

Limousin Heifers to 234p/kg & 229p/kg from J. Jardine, Yett Farm to R Johnstone & Sons, Annan.


79 OTM Cattle: Trade continues to please for a plainer show.

51 Dairy Cows Ave 116.5p/kg to 147p/kg and £1205.40.

28 Beef Cows Ave 127.3p/kg to 155p/kg and £1207.50.


Per Head


Simmental to £1207.50 Tregallon (Fitzsimon).

Fleckvieh to £1205.40 & £1115.40 Slacks.

Limousin to £1139.60 Tregallon (Fitzsimon), £1130.25 & £1022 No2 Tregallon (Dunlop).

Holstein to £1085.40 New Farm, £1044 Rue Farm.

British Friesian to £1068 & £972 Drum.

Angus to £1048 Netherhall.


Per Kilo


British Blue to 155p Druidhall/Braco, 149p Netherfield.

Simmental to 150p Tregallon (Fitzsimon), 148p Drumhumphry.

Limousin to 148p Tregallon (Fitzsimon), 147p Netherfield, 146p & 137p No2 Tregallon (Dunlop).

Fleckvieh to 147p & 143p Slacks.

Holstein Friesian to 145p Braehead.

Holstein to 145p Rue Farm, 139p Trailflat, 134p New Farm, 128p Rue Farm, 125p Barnbarroch.

Angus to 136p Dempsterton, 131p Netherhall.

Ayrshire to 114p Beuchan.


605 Prime and store sheep Forward:


460 Prime hoggs: Numbers tighter with well fleshed hoggs in big demand.


72 Hoggs (25.5kg – 32kg) Ave 202.1p/kg to 258p/kg Burn.

Texel to £70.50 Muircleugh.

Cheviot to £66.50 Burn.

Blackface to £60 Beuchan.


151 Hoggs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 229p/kg to 247p/kg Beuchan.

Blackface to £91.50 Woodfoot, £84.50 East Polquhirter & Woodhouse, £84 Beuchan.

Texel to £90.50 Woodfoot & Barnbarroch.

Cheviot to £86 Barnbarroch.


141 Hoggs (39.1kg – 45.5kg) Ave 245.5p/kg to 286p/kg Woodhouse.

Texel to £114.50 Clydeside, £109.50 Muircleugh.

Cross to £113 Woodhouse.

Shetland to £111.50 Riggheads.

Suffolk to £110 Marwhirn.

Cheviot to £105.50 Burn.

Cheviot Mule to £105.50 Marwhirn.

Blackface to £103.50 Riggheads.

Herdwick to £102.50 Woodfoot.


96 Hoggs (45.6kg+) Ave 267.6p/kg to 277p/kg Bush.

Suffolk to £154 Larglea, £144.50 Skipmyre.

Texel to £149 The Bush, £144.50 Skipmyre, £144 Greenfield, £140 Skipmyre, £138.50 The Bush, £134 West Skelston.

Cheviot Mule to £138 Greenfield.

Cross to £129.50 Woodhouse, £129 Woodfoot.

Blackface to £107.50 Riggheads, £100 Sweetshawhead.


145 Cast ewes and rams: Ewes sharper on the week.


Heavy ewes

Texel to £154.50 Bush, £141.50 Clydeside, £130.50 Bush.

Suffolk to £140.50 Larglea.

Cheviot Mule to £126.50 Arnmannoch.

Cross to £114.50 Bush, £106.50 Clydeside.


Light ewes

Blackface to £89.50 & £71.50 Clydeside, £63.50 Palaceknowe.

Lleyn £68.50 & £57.50 Bennan.

Cheviot to £67.50 Craigdhu.



Texel to £106.50 Muircleugh.

Blackface to £82.50 Glenmanna.






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