Agri-Renewables & Their Role In Climate Change

NFU Scotland is encouraging its members to take part in a virtual farm tour and Q&A session hosted by David (Davie) Smith, on Friday 29 January. The meeting will discuss Agri-renewables and their role in combatting climate change.

Davie farms 823 acres of primarily grade 3.2 land near Auchnagatt in North Aberdeenshire. By investing in various renewable technologies on farm, including solar panels and wind turbines, he has sought to sustainably grow his business for future generations.

During the tour Davie will touch upon what drives him and his business, his passion for supporting Next Generation farmers, and the successes he has had with the employment of apprentices through the Ringlink scheme.

Once the virtual tour has finished there will be a Q+A session, where audience members can discover more about Davie’s progressive farming systems, and plans to further develop new technologies on farm, including Hydrogen production for fuel and fertiliser usage.

The meeting will also be joined by Nigel Holmes, Chief Executive Officer of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association. Nigel has a wealth of knowledge about funding streams and projects which are currently ongoing both across Scotland, and globally.

The event will take place on Friday 29 January, 19.00pm to 20.30pm, via Zoom and all members are invited to join by going to the link at:


Davie said of his hopes for the tour; “All too often, the public think we live in an idyllic, romantic bubble, but this is not the case, and we must start working closer together as farmers to ensure our messages are robust…

By hosting this virtual tour for farmers this month, and again for the urban population in Aberdeenshire’s Climate Change week in March, I hope to virtually open the farm gates so everyone, including myself, can explore and better understand the work farmers are currently doing, and how we can continue to combat climate change in a united manner. Our young folk deserve no less, so let’s have a chat and catalyse these relationships.”   
NFU Scotland President, Andrew McCornick, added; “This is one not to be missed. I have known Davie for over a decade now, and am never surprised at the passion, dedication and enthusiasm displayed in all that he does. Davie’s love for farming, communities, people, animals, nature and technology are in abundance and combine to create a unique and wonderful person.
“Davie has always been an ambassador for renewable energy and carbon mitigation, with a strong focus on soil improvement and increased business efficiency. I am looking forward to learning even more from him on this tour”. 

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