Animal Transporters Reminded To Renew Transporter Authorisation

Transporter authorisations are valid for 5 years, and a significant number are due for renewal in 2022.

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is reminding all animal transporters to check the expiry date of their current transporter authorisation and apply for renewal at the earliest possible opportunity, to ensure continued authorisation.

UK transporter authorisations are required for those transporting animals, as part of an economic activity, on journeys over 65km within, from, to and through GB. Transporters involved in economic activity include farmers, livestock and poultry hauliers, pet couriers and rescue charities, and those who move horses in connection with professional riding, livery and stabling.

There are two types of transporter authorisation; Type 1 (short journey) which are required for journeys over 65km and up to 8 hours in duration and Type 2 (long journey) which are required for those transporting animals for journeys over 8 hours.

In order to comply with current welfare in transport regulations, animal transporters must submit an application to renew their authorisation. Failure to do so risks heavy penalties if transporters are found to be operating without valid authorisation.

Contact APHA’s Welfare in Transport team to obtain a renewal application pack or to discuss any queries.

Further information on Transporter Authorisations can be found on GOV.UK.

If you do not hold UK issued transporter authorisation at present but do transport animals as part of an economic activity, please contact the Welfare in Transport team for further information and details of how to apply.