Dumfries Auction Mart Primestock Report 31.05.2017

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries.

77 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: Met a Firm Demand Despite a Plainer offering Forward.

Heifers Sold to 228p/Kg for A British Blue Heiffer from Pendicle selling to Johnstone Butcher, Annan others to 211p/Kg for a Limousin Heifer From JWK Paterson & Son, Low Three Mark.

OTM Cattle –Again Met a Pleasing Trade with all Classes Being Wanted.

Beef cows Averaged 145.2p/kg to 183p/kg and £1366.40

Dairy Cows  Averaged 116.1p/kg to 142p/kg and £1157.65

Per Head

Devon to £1366.40 Upper Portrack

Limousin to £1244.40 Belzies, £1095 Skipmyre, £1043.40 Eastside, £985.60 Third

Friesian to £1157.65 Lagganlees

Angus £1147.50, £1108.25  Blairshinnoch, £1086.80 Third, £1000.10, £998.30  Riggheads, £978 Clarencefield

Galloway £1142.40 Low Three Mark

Holstein to £1139 Smallhomburn, £1050.80 Netherwood, £1034.90, £992 Guillyhill, £1020.90 Townhead, £992.80, £992 Slacks

Luing to £1106.85, £1043.70 Kirkland

Charolais to £1016.50 Skipmyre

Fleckvieh to £945.20 Slacks

Per Kilo

Limousin to 183p Belzies, 154p Third, 148p Eastside, 146p Hayfield, 146p Skipmyre

Angus to 163p Clarencefield, 153p, 143p Blairshinnoch, 152p Third, 149p, 147p, 146p Riggheads, 144p Eastside

Luing to 157p, 147p Kirkland

Holstein to 142p Netherwood, 136p Slacks, 134p Smallhomburn, £131p Gullyhill

Friesian to 137p Lagganlees

Galloway to 136p Low Three Mark

Fleckvieh to 136p Slacks

British Blue to 135p Hillhead

Hereford to 133p Eastside

817 Prime sheep Forward

265 Prime Lambs:Best Quality Lambs met Kenn Competition To Average 239.9p/Kg

136 Lambs (32.1-39kg) Ave 246.6p/kg to 255p/kg Eastside

Texel to £99.50 (x2) Eastside, £96.50, £94 Kerricks, £94, £94 Dressertland.

122 Lambs (39.1- 45.5kg) Ave 233p/kg to 248/kg Upper Tinwald

Texel to £106.50 Fardingjames, £101.50, £98 (x2)Upper Tinwald, £100.50 New

Beltex to £103 Drumburn

Beltex to £103 Drumburn

Suffolk to £102.50 Drumburn, £97.50 New, £97.50 Hartbush

Charollais to £100.50 Loaningfoot, £99 Penlaw



7 Lambs  (45.6+kg) Ave 225.9p/kg to 235p/kg  Drumburn

Suffolk to £108 Drumburn

Texel to £106.50 Glenhowan, £104 (x2) Eastside,

Zwartble to £104 Glenhowan.

271 Prime Hoggs: Trade Bouyant

Suffolk to £100, £99.50 Townhead

Texel to £94 Steilston, £92.50, £91.50 Waterhole, £92.50 Waterside of Terregles

Blakface to £88 Glenmanna

Cross to £85 Whitedyke

Cast ewes and rams: Ewes Overall Easier on the Week.

Cast ewes:

Beltex to £125.50 Park, £86.50 Sunnyhill

Texel to £119.50 Kilfaddoch, £115.50, £112.50 Riggheads, £115.50 Thorns

Charollais to 110.50 Wester Parkgate, £105.50 Riggheads

Mil Blue to £94.50 Park

Suffolk to £94.50 Thorns, £88.50 Sunnyhill




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