Avian Influenza Protection Measures – Support in D&G


The Scottish Government issued Avian Influenza Protection Measures today which requires all captive birds to be housed for the next 30 days or otherwise kept separate from wild birds.

The order requires any person in charge of poultry and captive birds to take all appropriate and practicable steps to ensure that poultry are housed or otherwise kept separate from wild birds.

The Council’s animal health staff are helping those in our region to take action following this announcement.

Chair of the Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure committee, Colin Smyth, said:

“There will be a number of people across our region who will be affected by the Scottish Government’s declaration. Even if you have just one bird, you will need to take action as this applies to businesses and individuals who may have birds.

“The Council have dedicated customer service team to help answer any questions that people may have. Call 030 33 33 3000 to speak to a member of the team.”

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