Barony Agriculture Students Take Ownership Of A New Tractor

Agriculture students at SRUC’s Barony campus near Dumfries, are benefiting from the arrival of a new McCormick tractor – thanks to a much-discounted rate offered by Dalswinton-based dealership TH Engineering in support of their education.

The deal was brokered by SRUC Machinery instructor Stuart Callander and local TH Engineering Sales Rep Kenny Frazer.

Stuart said: “We are grateful to TH Engineering, which is keen to support and assist SRUC Barony in the provision of training on modern machinery and technology.
“This new tractor will allow students to gain experience on an up-to-date modern piece of kit and will open up numerous opportunities for various field operations for them. This will ultimately enhance their time at SRUC, making them more employable when they qualify.”
Tim Hirst, owner of TH Engineering, said: “We are delighted to be able to support with the delivery of this tractor and look forward to continued opportunities to widen the experience of the tomorrow’s farming workforce.”