Dalbeattie Farmer Sam Shows He Has A Big Heart


39 Year old farmer Sam Hutton from Buittle Mains, Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway, showed passers by that he has a big heart, when he was feeding his lambing ewes this morning, Valentines day, Feburary the 14th 2019. 

The Hutton family have farmed at Buittle mains for 105 years and run it as a mixed stock farm. Sam has 200 pedigree Llyen ewes that have recently started lambing.

Sam Said “ I decided to have a wee bit of fun whilst checking and feeding the sheep this morning, this field faces Dalbettie and has 85 lambing ewes in it. As it was Valentines today, instead of feeding the sheep in a straight line like I usually do, I decided to pour their feed in a giant heart shape. Then I quickly took a photo with my phone, I thought it may make folk smile a wee bit.”