‘Decarbonising’ Scotland’s Farms & Crofts

Webinar on 6 March invites farmers and crofters to discuss Scottish Government Energy Strategy consultation.

NFU Scotland is gathering members’ views on the recently published Energy Strategy for Scotland and the best ways of decarbonising farms and crofts through reduced energy use and increased usage of renewables.

To inform its response to the Scottish Government consultation, the Union is hosting a webinar on Monday 6 March at 7pm where members will have the opportunity to find out more about this important consultation and how to respond.

At the webinar, chaired by Vice-President Andrew Connon, the Union’s Climate Policy Manager Kate Hopper will lead a 30-minute session on the Energy Strategy, the aims and objectives of our members consultation and our responses to Scottish Government’s specific questions on how to reduce energy use, look at resilience on farms and crofts and improving the installation of renewables and off grid systems.

The event will also include a 15-minute session from new membership affinity partner NFU Energy on the ways they can help through group buying power to source cheaper energy contracts.

Urging people to sign up for the event, Kate Hopper said: “Reducing energy use, maximising efficiencies and looking at the potential of renewables on farms and crofts are major topics for discussion right now.

“The Scottish Government’s draft ‘Energy Strategy’ sets out how Scotland will reduce energy use, move away from oil and gas production, and increase renewable energy by 2045. The Energy Strategy is also consulting on how best to ‘decarbonise’ Scottish farms and crofts by reducing energy use and moving to renewables.
“We need members to help us identify the best ways to ‘decarbonise’ Scottish agriculture and reduce energy use on farms, and what support, advice and skills they may need to deliver this.
“We also want to look in detail at the opportunities and barriers to developing renewable energy, and the potential impacts of renewable energy development on land use and agricultural production.
“I urge all farmers and crofters with an interest in how the industry will play its part in Scotland’s future Energy Strategy to sign up for the webinar.”

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