Farming and Fisheries Leaders ask Ministers to Focus on Delivering Best Possible Brexit Outcome

Farming and fisheries leaders today join forces to urge the Scottish Government to ensure sufficient resources are available to deliver the capacity that will be needed to implement trade and export policy after the country leaves the EU.

While recognising that the UK’s exit from the European Union will present challenges, NFU Scotland and the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation are calling for ministers and civil servants to work closely with them to minimise these risks and maximise the opportunities that will unfold.

“Everybody recognises that Brexit will create difficulties, but we believe that if government and the sectors work together these can be overcome,” said NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick.
“This is an opportunity for a bold approach to policy which will make Scottish agriculture productive, innovative and, above all, profitable.”

SFF President Ian Gatt stated: “Both the SFF and NFU Scotland are seriously concerned about how prepared the Scottish Government is for a range of Brexit scenarios and about its ability to exercise responsibilities repatriated from Brussels.

“We are seeking assurances from ministers that they will have the human and material resources to exercise the full range of devolved powers in the run up to, and after Brexit.
“As we know from many years of experience, close collaboration with the Scottish Government on farming and fisheries is essential to smooth day-to-day operations.”

Mr Gatt and Mr McCornick met at the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston today and intend to meet again in the early autumn to discuss areas of common ground in detail.

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