C & D Auction Marts Ltd held Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday.
150 Prime & OTM Cattle

25 Prime Cattle forward – Trade buoyant with buyers in a buying mood.
Per Kilo
Limousin to 220.5p Balgray Hill , purchased by R Johnstone & Sons, Annan, 217.5p, 215.50p Dinnans
Charollais to 214.5p Meikle Larbrax
Simmental to 212.50p Burnside
Limousin to 215.5p Faulding Cleugh

125 OTM Cattle – All classes keenly sought as competition was brisk between buyers.
Per Head
Limousin to £866.20, Mosshead. £819.00, Nether Gribton, £817.40 Mosshead
Holstein to £910.00, Brownfield, £887.25 Burnside Farm
Hols Friesian to £756.60 Drum
Angus to £937.40 Compstone End, £904.00 Newlands, £888.35 Foregirth
Blonde £843.60 Foregirth
British Blue £850.00 Compstone End
Shorthorn £864.45 Nether Gribton
Luing £867.00 Craigdarroch
Charolais £849.15 Glenlaugh

Cull Bull
Per Head
Blonde £1173.00 kirkhill
Limousin £1328.70 Capelfoot
A.A. £999.90 Millisle

OTM Cattle
Per Kilo
Simmental to 107p Corrie Hills
Angus to 116p Marwhirn, 113p Newlands
Holstein Friesian to 105p Burnside, 104p Brownfield, 104p Riggheads, 100p Nether Gribton.
Blonde to 111p Foregirth
British Blue 125p Compstone End
Shorthorn 113p Nether Gribton
Luing 102p Craigdarroch
Charollais 111p Glenlaugh
Limousin 131p, 122p(x2) Mosshead, 117p Nether Gribton, 115p Glenlaugh, 115p meikle Larbrax, 113p Nether Gribton, 113p Mosshead.

Cull Bull
Per Kilo
Blonde 115p Kirkhill
Limousin 129p Capelfoot
867 Prime and Store Sheep Forward
505 Prime Hoggs – a very mixed offering with best quality hoggs in short supply and wanted making 180pk +
18 Hoggs (25.5-32Kg) ave 155.2p to 198p Clydeside
Texel to £60 Clydeside Farm
102 Hoggs (32.1-39Kg) ave 167.8p to 196p Rigghead
Suffolk to £72.50 Rigghead £72 Maxwelltown, £71.50 Maxwelltown
Texel to £69.50 Riggheads, £65 Foregirth, £62 Rigghead
Blackface to £62 Maxwelltown
Lleyn £67.50 Maxwelltown
230 Hoggs (39.1-45.5Kg) ave 173.1p to 190p Riggheads
Suffolk to £80.50 Riggheads, £77.50 Dempsterton, £76 Barnbarroch, £76 New Farm
Texel to £80 Meikleholm, £79.50 Clydeside, £75 Courance, £75 Riggheads, £75 Courance
Charollais, £75.00 Clydeside
155 Hoggs (45.6Kg + ) ave 173p to 192p West Skelston
Texel to £88 , £87.50, £86.50 Druidhall, £85 Lochmailing Farm, £83.50 West Skelston £83 Over Abington, £83 West Skelston, £82 Dempsterston, £80 Clydeside
Cross to £80 Druidhall

101 Store Hoggs were easily sold to £70.50, £65.50 Tullochallum.
267 Cast Ewes & Rams – Ewes a very sharp trade £4.50 up on the week.
Texel to £125, Leithanhall, £96 Shieldhill, £90 New Farm, £85 Shieldhill
Suffolk to £83 New farm, £81 High Drum
Mule to £70 Abune The Brae, £67 New Farm, £64 Shield Hill, £64 Leithanhall, £64 Ballaggan, £64 Abune The Brae
Blackface to £57 Whitedyke, £57 Foregirth, £55.50 Glenart, £55 Dornal, £55 Abune The Brae.

Suffolk £80 Shawhill
Texel £86 Leithanhall, £82 Kirkhill,
Blue Leicester £89, £77 Whitedyk


C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of 170 Store Cattle in Dumfries. A packed ringside of buyers were actively seeking cattle with all classes being firmer. More forward stores present.

83 Bullocks ave 203.1p to 231.9p and £1140
20 Holstein friesian Bullocks ave 138.6 p to 154.8p and £970
61 Heifers ave 187.7p to 211.2p and £1080
6 Bulls ave 217.5p to 230.7p and £865

Per Head
Angus to £985, £960 North Bowerhouses, £950 Kirkbride.
Limousin to £1130 North Bowerhouses, £1040 Tregallon, £1035 North Bowerhouses, £985 Kirkbride, £965 Shenrick, Kirkland.
Simmental to £970 Lochbank
British Friesian £620 Kirkland
Shorthorn £1140, £1025 Archbank
Devon £840 Archbank
Charolais £1110 Hillhead, £1060 West Lanegate, £1040, £1000, Potholm
Simmental £1005 North Bowerhouses, £900, £970 Lochbank.
Holstein to £970 Longrigg

Angus to £1005 Kirkbride, £910 Potholm.
Limousin to £930 Ballaggan
Charolais to £990 Hillhead, West Lanegate, £880 Cormaddie.
British Blue to £995 Burgoyne, Kirkbride
Galloway to £915 Hillhead

Simmental to £865 Abune The Brae
Limousin x to £850 Abune The Brae

Dumfries Calves
C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of young calves in Dumfries. A good selection of calves were presented to a good attendance of ringside buyers. All keen to purchase.

British Blue to £330 Ingleston
Hereford to £270 Barend
Holstein to £115 Ryes Farm
Limousin to £335 Ryes

Limousin to £390, £355 to Ryes

Next Sale of Store Cattle is Monday 8th February 2016

The firm also held their January show of store cattle which was kindly judged by Jack Muir, Cleughbrae who made the following awards.
Best single from E & M Fitzimons, Tregallon with 12 month Limousin heifer which made £1080.
Best pen also from Tregallon with 12 month Limousin steers selling at £1040.
Kindly sponsored by Soltyre Ltd


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