DGWGO Test Drive The 2018 Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX ATV

James Gordons Ltd, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway recently gave DGWGO the keys to a Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) to test drive and put through its paces. They told me the Mule is built strong to work hard and is the utility vehicle of choice for many professionals such as farmers,  gamekeepers  and grounds-care experts. The Mule Pro DX is at the top of the Kawasaki MULE series.

When James Gordons Ltd asked me to give the Mule a test drive I jumped at the chance, although having never driven an ATV vehicle like this one before, I did wonder what use I would find for it around the farm that my trusty quad bike and old Landrover couldn’t already do. Over the 10 day period that I had the Kawasaki on the farm I grew to really like and enjoy using it, and soon realised that  a machine that combines all the convenience and lightweight flexibility of a quad but the comfort, warmth and safety of a pick-up was ideal for a multitude of tasks and chores and was something that could really earn it’s keep around the farm.

The Mule Pro-DX has a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke Diesel, 3-cylinder OHV engine, (full specifications can be read HERE) giving it plenty of power to handle any of the tasks I threw at it on my farm, and with its 2wd/4wd with diff-lock capability and high suspension and chunky tyres, it can go almost anywhere off-road whilst leaving hardly a mark behind it but also offers comfort and a smooth ride whilst on the road and flat surfaces.

While I was testing the Mule, the fields and tracks at home were extremely wet (late January – early February 2018) and this robust lightweight 4×4 traveled across land without making a mark where other vehicles had left quite deep tracks, this really impressed me. What I also found very impressive too, was the climbing capability of the Pro-DX, although the engine could be a little noisy while working the mule so hard, it could climb up hills that I would of only ever attempted to drive up with a quad bike in the past.


During the time I had the wee green Kawasaki on the farm, I put it through a multitude of tasks including everything from forestry and fencing work to hauling cattle feed and bales of bedding to the sheds and pens and other general tasks around the farm yard. Not only is this tough machine a useful workhorse around the farm, it also makes great leisure vehicle for outdoor pursuits such as shooting, fishing, photography and just about anything else you can think of, we even used it for the school bus run (it’s a half mile walk to the bus stop for my step daughter every morning and night, and it was much warmer and drier travelling and waiting in the Mule with its fully enclosed cab and heater, than walking and standing in the cold and rain). Our dogs also loved the Mule, both inside the cab and out on the rear load bed.

The Pro DX we were given (if registered with the DVLA) had all the mirrors and lights it takes to be fully road legal, the Mule comes in left hand drive only, but with the automatic gear box it didn’t take long to get used to this. The Mule we had was equipped with a bench seat and could carry 3 adults very comfortably, but there is also a crew cab option offering more seating, but with a smaller load bed on the rear (option details can be found HERE), there is also the option of having a tow bar fitted, so you can haul a tailor behind.


Watch our full video review below :-

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_o_ZNf2rYlk”]

So the plus points we found with the Mule were:-

  1. Brilliant off road capability.
  2. Combines all the abilities of both a quad bike and a pick-up around the farm.
  3. Extremely maneuverable with a tight turning circle and it can fit into small sheds and tight spaces.
  4. Fuel economy was very good. (30 Litre tank)
  5. Easy access with wide doors and flat floor to get in and out of.
  6. Rugged and tough, built to a high standard.
  7. Very stable to drive with comfortable suspension and great brakes.
  8. Well equipped with safety features like the roll cage and seat-belts that you don’t get on a quad bike.
  9. Easy to wash down and keep clean
  10. A warm, dry, safe cab where you can store things and know they will stay dry, but also plenty of ventilation for the warmer sunny weather.

The minus Points we found were :-

  1. Engine noise in the cab was quite loud.
  2. Front window takes quite a while to defrost on a cold morning.
  3.  The check plate floor on the load bed was a bit slippy, but a rubber mat would soon solve that problem.

For more information about the Kawasaki Mule Pro-DX or any other Kawaski ATV products or to book a test drive then contact James Gordons Ltd . Find your nearest branch details HERE




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