Scottish Christmas Trees.

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Local farmer Rory Young is one of the most diverse farmers in Dumfries and Galloway. Not content with his cattle and hens he decided to branch out further into growing Christmas trees! This all started about 8 years ago when his first customers came up to Glaisters farm at Kirkgunzeon to collect their Christmas trees.

Now Glaisters farm is one of the biggest suppliers of Christmas trees in the whole of the UK, and takes on around 10 extra local workers to help with the demand. Every year they sell around 25,000 trees, it’s amazing to think that a small piece of Dumfries and Galloway is the centre piece in so many homes across the UK every Christmas.

This year Glaisters farm is open again for local people to come and get their Christmas Tree from a local farm. Open on the 28th of November, 7 days a week through out the day. The farm is best set up on the weekends too, so if you are looking for a bit of festive cheer then come then and bring the family too. All the trees are hanging up so you can have a good look at the tree before deciding which one to pick. The team will then net if for you and help get it into your car or sledge. We are also giving away 12 of our free range eggs from the farm with every purchase.

Kim Young, who is the sister of Rory is also now involved, being a florist and the creative one in the family she decided that making beautiful Christmas wreaths would be a perfect fit to sell them alongside the trees . Every year Kim decorates around 300 wreaths, with new designs every year so there is something for everyone’s taste. She is also in charge of decorating the Christmas Tree shed and loves being there to help people choose the right tree for them.

Every year the Young family are looking to improve their service and make buying a tree from them a lovely experience. Feedback from their customers had told them that they loved the trees and coming to pick one, but the bumpy farm track was coming back as an area to be improved! So, for 2014 we are proud to announce that Santa was kind enough to leave us a brand new smooth road all the way to the farm!

So, anyone looking for a beautiful Christmas Tree that is locally and lovingly grown come to Glaisters, at Kirkgunzeon. You can pick your own tree, get 12 free eggs and experience the new smooth road too! Prices start from £20 for a cut tree and you might just see a beautiful wreath for your front door too starting at £15.


You Can buy your Tree and everything you need to go with it from lights to decorations on the website at http://www.scottishchristmastrees.co.uk/


Plus you can try and win One of the amazing  6 foot Cut Fraser Fir Tree worth over £50.00 at DGWGO Competitons on this link http://www.dgwgo.com/competitions/win-christmas-tree/

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