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Around 50 Dumfries and Galloway Farmers (plus a cow) gathered outside Morrisons Supermarket in Dumfries last night, to make a peaceful protest about the price paid by supermarkets for their milk.

Local shoppers were at first bemused to see a cow outside the store but were then stunned to see it being led straight in.

The farmers paraded the cow around the store followed by shoppers, many capturing the bizarre moment on their smart phones.

The farmers later told DGWGO that they wanted to make it clear that it is not ‘Morrisons’ itself they are protesting against but all supermarkets who often pay them less for milk than it costs them to produce.

They are encouraging people to buy British diary produce and not cheap imported products on special offers in the supermarket.

One farmer told us “please always check for the Little Red Tractor on your food labels to make sure you are buying British”

After purchasing over £500 worth of milk, and other dairy products, the farmers then proceeded to distribute it to the public for free. The remainder went to local charities.

The farmers explained their situation to fellow shoppers about the cost of producing milk being much higher than the price being paid for it by supermarkets who then sell it cheaper than bottled water.

The farmer’s publicity stunt has quickly gone viral on social media with some videos being shared thousands of times.

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