C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of Primestock on Wednesday in Dumfries.

Prime cattle met a keen demand selling to 224p/kg for Limousin x Heifers from Maryholm, Dumfries and Waterside, Haugh of Urr

OTM Cattle were forward in numbers, far short of the increased attendance of buyers needs, resulting in all classes selling at increased rates.

Dairy ave. 107.2p/kg

Beef ave.  134.9p/kg

Per Head

Limousin to £1068.80 Tregallon

Simmental to £1055.70 Tregallon, £1016 East Lanegate

Hereford to £958.85 East Lanegate

Holstein to £889.20 Newtonairds, £873.60 Rue Farm, £847.50 Boreland Farm

Per Kilo

Limousin to 167p Tregallon

Simmental to 153p Tregallon

Hereford to 151p East Lanegate

Holstein to 114p Newtonairds, 113p Boreland Farm, 112p 111p Rue Farm, 110p  Meikle Killantrae

586 Sheep forward: 

448 Prime Hoggs: Trade better than expected, especially for meated lighter weights.

60 Hoggs (25.5-32kg) Ave 212.3p/kg To 228p/kg Lochwood

Texel to £68.50 Glenkiln

Blackface to £67 Lochwood

Cheviot to £61 Lochwood

93 Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 215.5p/kg To 238p/kg Drumcork

Beltex to £86.50 Drumcork

Texel to £84 Powhillon

Cheviot to £83.00 Lochwood, £77.50 Upper Rigg

Blackface to £76 Riggheads, £74 Glenkiln, £73 Upper Rigg

Chev Mule to £74 Lochmailing

105  Hoggs (39.1-45.5kg) Ave 203.2p/kg To 227/kg Drumcork

Texel to £93 Drumcork, £90.50 £90 Lanarkland, £89 Riggheads, £88.50 Glenkiln

Suffolk to £88 Riggheads

NCC to £87 Riggheads

Cheviot Mule to £80 Marwhirn

Blackface to £76 Loch Arthur

124 Hoggs (46kg+) Ave 189.6p/kg To 217p/kg Drumcork

Beltex to £100 Drumcork

Texel to £95 Powhillon, £94 £93.50×2 £91.50 Lanarkland, £90.50 Dressertland, £90 Marwhirn, £90 Riggheads

Suffolk to £91 Lanarkland, £88.50 Hillbank

NCC to £89 Upper Portrack

155 Cast Ewes and Rams: Remained a bouyant trade,


Texel to £95.50 £86.50 Kirkcarswell, £86 Kirkhill

Chev Mule to £89.50 Park St

Cross to £79.50 Lochmailing, £74.50 Dressertland, £72.50 Summerfield

Cheviot to £78.50 Archbank

Blackface to £75.50 Maxwelltown


Texel to £100.50 Summerfield, £94.50 Drumcork

Charolais to £107.50 East Lane Gate

Blackface to £76.50 Glenkilns