C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries.

90 Cattle Forward:

Prime Cattle: Better Show of Butcher Type Heifers met Plenty of Competition.

Limousin Heifer to 235p AH Fisher, Merrick and a Charolais From the Same Home to 228p.  A British Blue Heifer from J Retson & Son, Gardrum sold to 224p.

81 OTM Cattle – Trade Easily Upheld Recent Rates for all Classes. Plainer Show of Dairy Cows forward.

Beef cows Averaged 142.7p/kg to 197p/kg and £1224.60

Dairy Cows  Averaged 114.5p/kg to 156p/kg and £1517

Per Head

Limousin to £1517, £1139.85 Waterside, £1482.30 , £1349.45 Isle of Dalton, £1444.4 Catslackburn. £1218.30 Drumhumphry, £1183.35 Cormaddie, £1049.40 Merrick.

British Blue to £1466.8 Waterside, £959.10 Midtown.

Angus to £1351.45, £1208 Raeburnhead, £1101.10, £952.15 Carruthers.

Holstein to £1224.6, £1219.3 Conheath, £1146.6, £1098.8, £1044.05, £993.3 Salcks, £963.90 Boreland and £923.80 Brownrigg.

Simmental to £1072.80 Merrick

Charolais to £975 Millhill

Devon to £929.50 Glenkiln

Per Kilo

Limousin to 197p, 183p  Isle of Dalton, 185p, 149p Waterside, 184p Catslackburn, 159p Merrick, 159p Catslackburn, 147p Cormaddie

British Blue 193p Waterside, 139p Midtown

Holstein to 156p, 137p, 131p Conheath, 147p, 134p, 133p, 129p Slacks

B.G 155p, 133p Burn

Angus to 154p, 139p Carruthers, 152p Tregallon, 151p, 151p Raeburn, 140p Woodcroft.

Charolais to 150p Millhill

Simmental to 147p, 144p Merrick, 139p Cormaddie

Devon to 143p (x2) Glenkiln

Shorthorn 143p Burn

BSH 128p Glenkiln

Friesian to 125p, 117p Drum

Galloway to 122p Barnbarroch

Brown Swiss 119p Beyond the Burn

711 Prime sheep Forward

28 Prime Lambs: Lare Were Generally too Heavy for the Trade with Buyers Seeking Greater Numbers of Lambs up to 43Kg.

Texel Lambs to £106 Merrick

Suffolk to  £106 Merrick.

461 Hoggs: Flesh and Lighter Weights Wanted.

36 Hoggs (25-32kg) Ave 146p/kg to 163p/kg Rigghead

220 Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 182.5p/kg to 192p/kg Thorns

Texel to £80 West Skelston

Blackface to £75.50 Barfil.

99 Hoggs (39.1- 45.5kg) Ave 175.3p/kg to 182/kg West Skelston

Texel to £80 West Skelston

Blackface to £75.50 Barfil

106 Hoggs (45.6+kg) Ave 148.7p/kg to 170p/kg  West Skelston

Beltex to £87.50 Clydeside

Texel to £85 West Skelston, £84.50, £84 (x2)Nether Cargen £83.50 Torkirra

Suffolk to £84, £80 Townhead, £80(x2) West Skelston, £80 Ryemuir

Blackface to £83 Craigdarroch

Romney to £75 Mains of Airies.

222Cast ewes and rams: Trade Easier on the Previous Sale.

Cast ewes:

Suffolk to £122.50 Millhill, £102.50 Sunnyhill, £94.50 Merrick, £87.50 Upper Senwick

Beltex to £119.50 Finniness

Texel to £106.5 (x2) Clydeside, £104.50 Merrick

Cross to £79.50 Barr, £78.50 West Skelston, £78.50 Blackpark.

NCC to £78.50 Clydeside, £75.50, £55.50 Lochmailing£73.50 Barnbarroch

Blackface to £58.50 Maxwelltown, £53.50 Finniness, £53.50 Mains of Collin.



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