C & D Auction Marts Ltd held Weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries on Wednesday.


56 OTM Cattle – Trade continues to please, with more required weekly.

16 Beef ave 119.6p

50 Dairy ave 91.3p

Per Head

Bull Simmental to £1137.75 Lochbank.

Limousin to £1101.60 Landis, £822.80 Wyliehole.

BB to £911.40 Mouswald Banks.

Fleckvieh to £884.50 Mouswald Banks.

Angus to £847.90 Bogue.

Holstein to £812.70 Millisle.

Shorthorn to £690.20 Bogue.

Jersery to £529.20 Millisle.

Per Kilo

Limousin to 162 p, 138p, 135p Landis, 121p Wyliehole.

Angus to 138p Drumcruilton, 128p, 125p Blackpark, 122p Bogue.

Holstein to 129p,103p Millisle.

Bazadaise to 127p Blackpark.

BB to 124p Mouswald Banks.

Ayrshire to 123p Hollands.

Fleckvieh to 122p Mouswald Banks.

Shorthorn to 119p Bogue.


457 Prime Sheep Forward

Small Show of 291 Prime Lambs – Easier in keeping with the national trend .

Beltex Lambs from Maryfield to 205p/kg and Texel Lambs from The Bush to £88.

Texel to £88, £86, £77.50 The Bush, £75.50 Bush of Craigs.

Suffolk to £76.50 Cushag, £76 Kenyon.

Charollais to £75 (x2) Riggheads.


166 Cast Ewes & Rams forward – All classes met similar trading.


Suffolk to £75 Nunnerie.

Texel to £114.50 Maullscastle, £94.5 Shancastle.

Cross to £77.50 Thorniethwaite, £73.50 Ryecroft.

Blackface to £58 Sweetbit.


Texel to £94.50 Shancastle.

Charollais to £84.50 Shancastle.



C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly Sale Store & Breeding Cattle in Dumfries on Monday. 128 Store Cattle – Trade continues to sell beyond buyers expectations, with all classes meeting brisk competition, with grass types in big demand.


54 Bullocks ave 212.2p to 267.4p and £1250

16 Holstein Friesain to 138.9p to 146.3p and £785

47 Heifers ave 207.2p to 269.1p and £1130

11 Bulls ave 172p to 202p and £1090


Bullocks Per Head

British Blue to £1250, £1145, £1060 Kirkmichael Mains, £1060 High Auchneel.

Limousin to £1170 Howes, £1115 Kirkmichael Mains, £935 High Auchneel, £875 Sunnyhill.

Angus to £1150 Howes, £1080 Kirkmichael Mains, £1040 Howes.

Simmental to £955 Hillhead, £900, £885 Park of Tongland.

Charolais to £795 Bargatton.

Holstein to £785 Kirkmichael Mains.

Hereford  to £755 Gillenbie.

Heifers Per Head

British Blue to £1130 Kirkmichael Mains, £925 High Auchneel, £900 Kirkmichael Mains.

Charolais to £1080, £980 Hillhead, £970 High Auchneel.

Angus to £970, £900 High Auchneel.

Limousin to £800, £775 Glenlaugh.

Bulls Per Head

Limousin to £1090 Mid Locharwoods, £975 Auchenhill.

Simmental to £1010 Auchenhill.

Angus to £890 Auchenhill.


Bullocks Per Kg

Limousin to 267.4p, 248.5p Sunnyhill.

Angus to 254.4p Bargatton.

Simmental to 251.5p Gillenbie, 233p Park of Tongland.

Charolais to 248.4p Bargatton, 246.8 Gillenbie.

Heifers Per Kg

Limousin to 269.1p, 263.2p Sunnyhill.

Charolais to 245.9p Bargatton.

Angus to 214.1p Fingland.


35 Breeding Cattle – A good attendance of buyers ensured plenty of trade for all classes with heifers with calves averaging £1751.67.

Limousin heifer with bull calf – £2080 Kildarroch, £1700 Brownrigg.

Limousin heifer with heifer calf – £2050 Brownrigg, £1880 Kildarroch.

Shorthorn heifer with bull calf – £1850 Kildarroch.

Saler heifer with heifer calf – £1800, £1700 Kildarroch.

Saler heifer with bull calf – £1750 Kildarroch.

Simmental bulling heifers – £1000 Newlands.

DUMFRIES Young Calves  13.06.16


C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly Sale of Young Calves at Dumfries.

A small show of calves forward to a busy ringside of keen bidders.  Many more could have been easily sold.


Bull Calves

Montbelliard to £365, £325 Upper Portrack

British Blue to £325 R & L Austin


Next Calf Sale Monday 27th June 2016 at 10.15am,

all enquiries/entries to Matthew Thomson 07900 181 6350




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