Dumfries Mart Weekly Sales Report 06/03/17

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries.

85 Cattle forward:

Prime Cattle – Met a Sharp trade for all classes with more required weekly. More buyers for bulls resulting in a firmer demand for Dairy bred over 16mo.

Limousin Heifer to 226p J&L Craik, Waterside to R Johnstone Butchers, Annan. Another Limousin heifer from J Jardine, Yett sold to 220p which went to John Scott Meat Ltd, Paisley.

Prime Bulls Sold to 175p for an Angus from E Murray, Conheath and a Holstein from the same home sold to 154p.

OTM Cattle – again in big demand for both dairy and suckler breeds. Producers should take advantage of the competitive trade to Enhance Profits.

Beef cows Averaged 133.7p/kg to 166 p/kg and £1352

Dairy Cows Averaged 115.5p/kg to 163p/kg and £1037.50

Per Head

Limousin to £1203.50 Herries, £1107.60 Ballaggan, £993.25 Maryfield, £984.90 Cocklicks

Holstein to £1037.50 Rue, £969.40 Conheath, £967.50, £933.45 Slacks.

Angus to £1011.20 Slacks, £1008.70 Marwhirn, £979.95 Mill house, £923.55 Maryfield

British Friesian to £1008 Slacks, £937.25 Kirkland

Simmental to £987 Herries, £965.20 Maryfield

British Blue to £943.80 Cocklicks

Luing to £885.50 Chanlockfoot

Longhorn to £857.25

Per kilo

Limousin to 166p Herries, 147p Cocklicks, 142p Ballaggan, 141p Compostone End, 137p,132p Maryfield.

British Friesian to 163p,125p,122p(x2) Kirkland, 126p Slacks

Luing to 154p Chanlockfoot.

British Blue to 143p Cocklicks

Simmental to 141p Herries

Angus to 141p Maryfield, 139p Mill House, 135p Compostone End 133p Marwhirn 128p Slacks

Longhorn to 135p Kirkland

Holstein to 132p Trailflat, 131p Conheath, 129p, 127p Slacks, 128p, 122p Netherwood, 128p Barndennoch 125p (x2) Rue, 122p Ryemuir, 121p Brownrigg.

Ayrshire to 110p Townhead


Angus to £1352 Ryehill

1173 Prime sheep Forward

772 Hoggets -Big Perscentage of 46kg+ forward. Best Kinds Wanted.

11 Hoggs (25.5-32) Ave 155.6p/kg to 157p/kg Beuchan

Blackface to £48.50 Inglestone

Cross to £47 Brandleys

268 Hoggs (32.1-39kg) Ave 166.5p/kg to 180p/kg Over Abington

Beltex to £70 Over Abington

Cheviot to £68 Riggheads

Blackface to £64 Glenmanna, £63 Beuchan, £62.50 Bridgemark, £61.50 Inglestone

166 Hoggs (39.1- 45.5kg) Ave 169.1p/kg to 180p/kg Shangan

Texel to £78 Blackpark, £77.50 Shangan, £77.50 Cleughbrae.

NCC To £75.50 Cleughbrae

Cheviot to £75 Riggheads

Blackface to £73.50 Riggheads

Romney to £70.50 Mains of Airies

Cross to £64 Over Abington

327 Hoggs (45.6+kg) Ave 162p/kg to 174p/kg Shangan

Texel to £87 Shanagan, £85.50 Crochmore, £85 2 Butterdales

£84.50 (x3)Cowans, £84.50 Crochmore, £82.50 Riggheads, £82.50 West Skelston.

NCC to £85, £83.50 (x2) Auchencrieff

Suffolk to £84.50 West Skelston

Blackface to £74 Mallard Chase

401 Cast ewes and rams: Trade a lot Sharper all classes £10-15 up on the week.

Texel Ewes from Cowans sold to £127.50

Cast ewes:

Texel to £127.50 Cowans, £124.50 Isle OF Dalton, £119.50 Waterhole, £119.50 Riggheads.

Suffolks to £118.50 Sunnyhill

Charollais to £112.50 Riggheads.

Cross to £86.50 Summerhill, £85.50 Sweetbit, £82.50 Lower Shieldhill

Cheviot to £73.50 Stirkfield, £70 Hill

Blackface to £68.50 Culdoach

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