Environment Secretary Praises Farmers Following Question From Local MSP

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has praised farmers on their increasing uptake of low emissions practices, following a question from Local MSP Emma Harper.


During Portfolio question time in the Scottish Parliament last week (31/05), Ms Harper asked the Environment Secretary what action can be taken to encourage increased uptake of carbon auditing among farmers – and urged the Scottish Government to ensure that farmers are recognised for the contribution they currently make towards carbon sequestration.


Ms Cunningham said:


“Carbon audit tools can help farmers and crofters manage and reduce the carbon footprint of farming and crofting. By using resources more efficiently it can also potentially improve profitability.
“The agriculture chapter in our draft Climate Change Action Plan commits to consulting on how best to ensure maximum uptake of carbon audits. Use of such tools is also promoted through the Scottish Government’s Farm Advisory Service.
“Participation in the Beef Efficiency Scheme will also involve beef farmers in conducting carbon audits – 1880 beef farmers have signed up to take part in that scheme.”


Ms Harper added:


“I would like to congratulate the agribusinesses who are participating in carbon audits and echo the Cabinet Secretary’s remarks.
“I am also seeking further information from the Scottish Government on how we can value the work undertaken by farmers who are  sequestering CO2, for example through the planting of trees, shrubs, and conservation of wetlands  – as I think that positive examples of land stewardship should be recognised.
“Since my election as an MSP I have spent a great deal of time meeting with farmers. Sometimes farmers can feel vilified when it comes to the subject of climate change – so I think it is important to recognise the work that they do as stewards of the land, as well as exploring how to cut agricultural emissions.


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