Galloway Trout Travellers. What Future Is There For One Of Our Most ‘Global’ Fish?

From boulder strewn torrents to dreamy chalk streams, Trout like it clean and cold – but what does their future hold? The next event in the Galloway Glens Autumn/Winter Programme focusses on one of our most ubiquitous species of fish, with Trout distributed across continents and altitudes around the world.

Free Event, 7.30pm on 03 November. Attend either in person (CatStrand) or online.  

Kenny Galt, former Trout and Grayling Biologist of the Tweed Foundation, has recently joined the Galloway Fisheries Trust, and will be talking about the life histories and strategies of this versatile fish in Southern Scotland. This will be followed by Robin Ade, internationally renowned fish artist and traveller. Robin will be talking about his trout-related exploits in surprising places with surprising people.

The Evening will end with a talk by the Wild Trout Trust’s Dr. Paul Gaskell. Paul is an author, angler and freshwater biologist who jumped ship from Academia in 2008 to join the Wild Trout Trust and run the “Trout in the Town” Urban River restoration and custodianship project. Paul will be talking about the climate ramifications for this species – Trout Kryptonite!


This programme of events is being delivered in ‘hybrid’ format. Attendees can either join in person or online. This event is hosted at New Galloway’s CatStrand. Tickets are free and can be booked here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/galloway-trout-travellers-tickets-176556704857.


Nick Chisholm, Galloway Glens Project Officer, said:

“The common brown trout is one of the best-known fish in the world, highly adaptable and embedded in our culture. Every part of the UK has a different trout tradition, venerated in the south of England as a fish for the elite only yet democratised in Scotland as the working-class quarry of choice. Elsewhere in the world this remarkable fish has spawned folk tales and tall stories, yet it has an Achilles heel – it does like it cold. How will our favourite fish, Salmo trutta, fare in a warming world? I am really looking forward to introducing this line up of renowned experts tell us a few facts and debunk some myths.”


Speaking to Nick before the event, Robin Ade said:

“I have travelled the world, lived with and met many remarkable people from much misunderstood places. Our shared passion of art and fishing has bonded us. I am looking forward to telling some stories about the people I have met and the fish we found.”


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