New Holstein Award Aims To Celebrate Youth

New Scottish Holstein Award in Association with Harrison & Hetherington aims to celebrates tomorrow’s Young Holstein Stars.

Harrison & Hetherington are delighted to announce their sponsorship of a major new award to recognise and celebrate the next generation of dedicated young breeders who will carry the Scottish Holstein Club and the breed it represents into the future.

Always deeply involved in encouraging young livestock breeders and handlers through their Events such as UK Dairy Expo, H&H are joining forces with the Scottish Holstein Club to create a fantastic new competition to support the next Scottish Young Star.

The H&H Scottish Young Star Award will be contested in the arenas of showmanship and stockjudging skills at specific livestock competitions and shows throughout the year, with the winner being announced at the Scottish AGM in November.

Competitors will be scored on their highest placings from three out of the four following competitions in two categories: Showmanship at UK Dairy Expo, Ayr, the Royal Highland Show and the Scottish Calf Show; and Stockjudging at the Scottish Open Day, and the West of Scotland, Lanarkshire and South West Scotland shows.

The successful H&H Scottish Young Star will win an all-expenses paid trip to a major international show such as Madison, Toronto, or Swiss Expo, and will make a presentation to the Senior Scottish Holstein Club about their trip at the following year’s AGM.

H&H will contribute £1000 annually towards the costs of the Scottish Young Stars Award, and Glyn Lucas, Senior Auctioneer at Harrison & Hetherington knows that the competition will be intense. “We know from our experience of hosting events such as the UK Dairy Expo just how dedicated and committed the next generation of Holstein farmers are to their breed. It’s a huge pleasure to be able to offer them the encouragement of this new Award, and we look forward very much to seeing who will emerge as the first Scottish Young Star after this summer’s season of shows and competitions.”

David Gray, Chairman of the Scottish Holstein Club said: “We are truly indebted to H&H for this amazing opportunity, and we would like to thank them sincerely for their support for our Young Holstein Club members. These incredibly dedicated and talented young people are deeply committed to the development of the breed, and this new award will give them a wonderful new incentive to raise their knowledge and their skills even higher.”