National Farmers Union Scotland Members asked for views ahead of head office meeting
With details on Scotland’s new Beef Efficiency Scheme now in farmers’ hands, NFU Scotland is seeking members’ views on it ahead of next week’s Livestock Committee meeting.
Information on the three-year scheme, a £45 million package being delivered under Scotland’s Rural Development programme, has been sent to beef producers in the past week.
The Union will use the next few days to gather views and opinions from its members with its head office committee sitting down next week (Thursday 14 January) to discuss.
Livestock Committee Chairman, Charlie Adam, a beef producer from Alford in Aberdeenshire said: “Farmers have now received the Scottish Government’s letter and calving diary regarding the Beef Efficiency Scheme and that has generated a lot of interest.
“The Union has been working hard to make this scheme as practical as possible for beef farmers whilst also achieving the efficiency gains and green objectives sought by Scottish Government and Europe. This balance is not easy.
“We are inviting members to attend our regional Livestock monitor meetings taking place around the country in the next few days where they can raise any questions or comments about the scheme.
“If members can’t make one of the local meetings, then we would welcome them getting in touch with their Regional livestock committee representative.
“Their regional representatives can then take these comments forward to our national committee meeting next week and we can raise them with the Scottish Government.
“With the scheme still in its early stages, now is the time to identify if its operation has any unintentional consequences or unforeseen problems. We are looking to tease these issues out before the formal start of the scheme. That way, we can ensure that farmers stay the right side of the rules and take best advantage of the benefits the scheme offers.”

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