Local Wool Board Candidates Announced

Following the Wool Board’s call for nominations for Members of the Board in the the  Scottish Southern Regions, There has been two Dumfries and Galloway candidates put forward. 


Scottish Southern Region Candidates :


South Port O’Spittal, Portpatrick, STRANRAER, Wigtownshire DG9 9AQ



Becks Farm, LANGHOLM, Dumfriesshire DG13 0LP

And also

MYLES, Peter

Seventrees, Dalbog, Edzell, BRECHIN, Angus DD9 7UU
Voting papers will be sent to all registered producers in the  Region on Thursday 16th February 2017, and they must be returned to the Independent Returning Officer by 6pm on Thursday 9th March 2017.

For the purposes of the election, the geographical counties remain the same as they were before the Local Government Act 1972 and the Local Government Act (Scotland) 1973.

The term of office for each Board Member is three years, commencing 1 April 2017.


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