Lockdown Projects For Farm Kids

With more children studying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) has created some educational games to help them stay safe on farms.

The materials, which seek to raise awareness of the key dangers on farms, have been created by SAC Consulting (part of SRUC) and 360 Degree Imagery company Exhibit Scotland for the Farm Advisory Service.

They include interactive videos and colouring sheets which parents can use with their children to have discussions about farm safety.

An interactive video helps children identify animal emotions and understand the dangers relating to livestock and the rules to follow when coming into contact with them.

SAC Consultant Derek Hanton also provides advice for farmers and crofters on how to improve health and safety on farms, including using barriers and fencing to prevent children accessing dangerous areas such as pits, or getting close to livestock and machinery.

Two other interactive videos, where children have to spot hazards around a farmyard and in a shed, will be added in coming weeks.

Janette Sutherland, Agricultural Consultant with SAC Consulting, said: “Farming is a valuable but also relatively dangerous occupation and the juxtaposition of people – often including children – and machinery, livestock and environmental hazards, means that farming can be at the same time one of the best and worst places for family life.
“We hope these interactive quizzes, with a host of cartoon friends including a cow, sheep, pig, crow and a collie, can help spark conversations between parents and children about staying safe on farms and crofts. 
“There are colouring-in sheets available for children to complete too and Derek Hanton has excellent advice for parents and carers.”
Andrew Macdonald, Managing Director of Exhibit Scotland and a former SRUC student, said: “The increasing versatility of Extended Reality (XR) technology and immersive qualities of 360° interactive learning tools, equips educators with the opportunity to create educational materials to enable learner engagement with subject matter, like never before.
“The early technological adoption approach shown by SAC Consulting/FAS in the creation of this trilogy of farm safety awareness-raising tools, offering learners memorable ‘learning-by-doing’ opportunities for gaining knowledge and developing understanding, is testimony to their being a centre of excellence for Scottish agriculture.”

To take part in the activities visit: www.fas.scot/child-farm-safety/

If you want more information about Farm Safety, please contact the FAS helpline on 0300 323 0161 or email [email protected]


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