On Saturday Morning Team DGWGO were very Kindly invited by Emily Duncan and her family to meet their brand new wee flock of very special sheep , which are a first in the region , and also have to be the prettiest and friendliest  sheep we have ever met !



Emily Duncan
Emily Duncan




Emily told DGWGO – ” We are thrilled to have our very own Valais Blacknose Sheep (or in German Walliser Schwarznasenschaf) who have just arrived all the way from the Swiss Alps. The breed arrived in the UK for the very first time in March this year and we, like so many others have fallen for their charms!

We came across the sheep when we saw them on the cover of Scottish Farmer and we have also seen them on Countryfile. We researched the breed and went to meet the first Scottish imports in the Highlands and knew we had to have some. Our five ewes have all come from Switzerland and our tup lamb was one of the first lambs to be born in the UK

They are extremely friendly, gentle and full of character, very different from the other sheep on our farm (texels and mules). They are able lamb twice a year and in Switzerland, they spend the summer months high up in the mountains and come down off the hill for the winter.

Our sheep have only just arrived, but already our two small children are helping to look after them, they love being able to help with the farming and are looking forward to showing them next summer. Elsewhere on the farm we have 200 Aberdeen Angus cows, plus young stock and as mentioned previously, 450 Texels and Mules. My father in law who has farmed here for 45 years is not so sure about something so strange on the farm, but I am sure he will grow to love them! Our Valais Blacknose ewes are expected to lamb in March/April and are looking forward to getting to know them better and understanding their different characteristics.

Team DGWGO had a great Hour Meeting Emily and her family and her sheep , and we will be bringing you more on the story , and the life of this wee flock over the coming year , Including how Lambing goes and how show season goes for them all ! You can also keep up to date with Emily and her flock on their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ValaisblacknosesheepdumfriesandgallowayScotland