Mundell Calls for Clarification on Barony College’s Future

Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell has called on the Scottish Rural College to clarify their position on relocating their Barony Campus at Parkgate to Dumfries.

Over 1,000 people have now signed an online petition to ‘Save the Barony’ and Mr Mundell is asking bosses to outline what a potential move to a campus at Crichton will mean.

Commenting Mr Mundell said: “It is a real concern for the staff and students at the Barony Campus that they haven’t had a detailed plan about what a move to Dumfries would entail for them.

“A move to an urban campus would be a huge blow to the rural economy around Parkgate as currently students have access to facilities that are hugely beneficial to their studies.

“I am concerned that by moving to the Crichton Campus that specialist facilities wouldn’t be provided at an urban location, such as getting the chance to work in the Ae forest.

“This would be a bad move for staff and students and with over 1,000 people signing a petition against any move, the rural college bosses should listen seriously to the concerns raised by the community whilst outlining their full proposals.”

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