NFU Scotland Comment In Support Of Farming For 1.5 Report

The Farming for 1.5°C inquiry was set up two years ago by NFU Scotland and Nourish Scotland under the co-chairs Mike Robinson, Royal Scottish Geographical Society and Nigel Miller, former President of NFU Scotland.  The panel of farmers, academics and NGO representatives have today (19 July) published a consensus pathway and policy recommendations to allow Scottish farming climate to achieve its ambitious climate targets, taking the sector from where it is today to net zero in 2045.

A copy of the Farming for 1.5 news release and a copy of the report’s executive summary are attached.  The full report is available to read at: https://bit.ly/Farming1point5Report

NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy (pic attached) said: “NFU Scotland welcomes the final report from the Farming for 1.5°C independent inquiry, which has drawn on experience from a wide scientific, environmental, food and farming base, to map out a practical and pragmatic set of recommendations that fully recognises the role of Scottish farmers and crofters in providing solutions to the challenges posed by climate and biodiversity crises whilst continuing to produce food of the highest quality.
“The report maps out a pathway for transformation built around sustainable food production, reducing emissions and tackling biodiversity loss that is underpinned by science and supported by a huge range of practical knowledge and expertise. Such a complementary transition that enables delivery on all three fronts entirely echoes the Union’s approach.
“It establishes principles that all sectors of Scottish agriculture can adopt to improve agricultural and carbon efficiency, develop agroforestry, better manage soils, and provide a new approach to sharing knowledge and technical support. These are the very foundations of our own thinking on future agricultural support in Scotland – that enable change rather than off-shore issues. 
“Importantly, it also acknowledges the role of Scottish Government in delivering and funding this transformation over a sustained period if we are to achieve our ambitious climate change targets, reverse biodiversity loss and deliver on our food and drink strategy.
“This Inquiry’s findings provide another unequivocal marker in setting the required policy direction as its recommendations dovetail with those of the Scottish Government’s farmer-led climate change sector groups and NFU Scotland’s own vision for delivering change.” 

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