NFU Scotland Welcomes Scottish Government Announcement To Bring Forward Payment Schedule

NFU Scotland has welcomed an announcement from Scottish Government that it is to bring forward the timetable for crucial support payments by almost a month.

The announcement that support payments will now commence in September 2022 rather than October will deliver vital cash flow certainty to farmers and crofters and help with business planning.  It also allows the thousands of farmers and crofters attending the Royal Highland Show next week (23 to 26 June) to budget and plan for any purchases or deals they may do at this important event in the Scottish farming calendar.

The announcement comes one month after 11 key Scottish farming organisations, led by NFU Scotland, wrote to the Scottish Government to express concerns over the impact that the unprecedented cost inflation is having, calling on it to bring forward crucial support payments.

NFU Scotland President Martin Kennedy, a signatory to that letter said: “The farming and crofting industry is currently facing unprecedented input price pressure around the likes of fuel, fertiliser, feed grain and wages.
“That input cost inflation has been long-lasting and is already having a significant impact on business decisions at a farm and croft level.  This has implications not only for primary producers but also many upstream and downstream businesses that rely on agriculture for their customers and their suppliers.
“While there is no quick fix to the current crisis, the Scottish Government decision to agree to our request and bring forward Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Greening payments will help to build confidence across the industry, as we enter one of the busiest weeks in the Scottish farming calendar
“This announcement about the accelerated delivery of payments to bolster cash flow is an important boost ahead of the Highland Show.”

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