Brand new podcast series, OnFARM, brings spotlight to Scottish rural industry

The first podcast dedicated to rural Scotland and its varied industries – food, farming, tourism, charity, education, forestry, conservation, professional services and much more – has been launched today (Monday 13th January) and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and a new dedicated website.

OnFARMFood, Agriculture and Rural Matters – is being launched by rural business specialists Scene & Herd PR and Marketing who are working with industry experts, successful business owners and key organisations to increase public and inter-industry awareness of Scottish rural enterprise and its stories.

Sharing insights from across the food, farming and rural spheres, OnFARM is set to benefit the industry and its stakeholders as a new platform for communication.

OnFARM launches this week with an episode featuring key rural organisation, RHET (the Royal Highland Education Trust), highlighting the crucial work of the charity which provides free educational activities and learning for young people, giving tens of thousands of children the chance to visit a farm each year.

With a new episode going live each Monday, future topics will include a day at AgriScot, a look at co-operation within Scottish food and farming, a conversation with Doddie Weir and much more.

OnFARM Co-founder, Anna Davies, stated:

I have worked among rural business for over 15 years and have long believed that more could be done to connect the agricultural industry and rural enterprises both internally and with the general public.
“Podcasting as a communications channel is increasing in popularity at a phenomenal rate and is the ideal modern platform for telling in-depth and fascinating stories and insights from across rural Scotland. Whether it’s in a tractor, a lambing shed, on the daily commute or at home by the fire, podcasts are an easy and convenient way of catching up on interesting and insightful stories.
“If you have never listened to a podcast before, I encourage you to make this the first one to which you listen! The process is easy. Simply visit the website, www.on-farm.co.uk and click on the Listen Now button. You can also subscribe via the Apple iPhone podcasts app, Google Podcasts and Spotify. Search for OnFARM rural”

“If you are a regular podcast listener already, please do add us to your library.

“We are already collaborating with key organisations such as RSABI, SAOS, RHET, AgriScot, Scottish Land and Estates (and with others in the pipeline) to bring listeners the very best possible content throughout 2020 and beyond and we are excited by what the future holds for OnFARM.”

When asked about the thinking behind the podcast contributors and audience, Anna stated:

There is a clear niche for a rural channel within Scotland and the number of potential stories is limitless. What we have created is relevant to agricultural industry professionals, those in food production, technology, community and all other aspects of rural life. The potential for a wider interested audience is infinite. We are creating an opportunity for the many facets of rural Scotland to be heard and recognised, and we look forward to promoting greater awareness of this significant sector.”

With features from all aspects of agriculture, tourism and renewables to home produce, farm shops and commercial and charity enterprises, OnFARM is set to be a go-to for growing rural businesses, offering a unique chance to listen to current industry leaders and contributors talking simply and genuinely about their stories, challenges and opportunities.

Officially launched this week, OnFARM will post regular podcasts, discussing the broad spectrum of rural Scottish industry. As the sector becomes increasingly important to the national economy and its social and environmental impact trends frequently on social media, OnFARM will provide a down-to-earth insider insight into the successes and challenges of rural Scotland.

The wider OnFARM project, whilst initially focusing on podcasts, aims to bring other rural story telling media, including film, photography and the written word, to the fore in the near future.

Visit www.on-farm.co.uk to listen to episode one of OnFARM.

iPhone users simply need to search for ‘OnFARM Rural’ within their phone’s inbuilt Podcasts app and click Subscribe. iPhone users can also use other podcast app’s.

Android users can use a podcast app, such as Google Podcasts or Spotify to listen and subscribe.

Follow OnFARM on social media and use the hashtag #OnFARM:

Twitter @on_farmuk

Instagram @on_farmuk

Facebook – OnFarm – Food, Agriculture and Rural Matters (@onfarmuk)

If you have a suggestion for a podcast episode or are interested in featuring or sponsoring, please email [email protected]. Likewise, please get in touch if you need any help, or instructions, with downloading OnFARM podcasts.

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