Owen Farm Services Update – What’s Happening In September

Office Officially Re-Opened

As of the middle of August, with restrictions allowing us, Owen Farm services has managed to bring all of our staff back into the office most days of the week. All of the team have now had their second dose of the vaccine. We are slowly reintroducing having meetings with our clients back at the office with safety precautions put in place. These include good ventilation, social distancing and hand satanizing stations. We are also happy to visit clients on farm too if this suits better. This is hopefully bringing us one step closer to more normal times.

Register Of Mobility Scorers Certified

At Owen Farm Services, we now have two fully qualified Register of Mobility Scorers (RoMS) accredited assessors. Along with already qualified Selina Scott, Eilidh Kennedy has just passed her exam making her a registered scorer. RoMS is a self-regulatory body which encourages the widespread use of standardised, independent mobility scoring on UK dairy farms. These set of professional standards are carried out by accredited scorers. If you would like more information on how this service could work for you, please contact the office.

Land Sales Assistance

Especially within this current market, various farms are coming up for sale. Owen Farm Services are able to help complete various tenancy applications. We have successfully helped existing tenants and first time applicants. At Owen Farm Services we have facilitated multiple meetings between landlord/tenant for our clients. We have also introduced multiple landlords and new young entrants where a common goal and personalities match.

Likewise, we are willing and able to assist with aiding farms to get government funding. This can range from Agri Environmental Climate Scheme (AECS) applications to Crown Estate Environment Grant. In terms of the Crown Estate Environment Grant- this programme provides funding to Crown Estate Scotland tenants for projects which can deliver demonstrable environmental benefits within 18 months of award of funds.

Innovate UK Smart Sheep Project

Through this project many of our test farms have begun the second or even third weighing of their lambs. To date, this project has 16 farms recruited. With the use of the Datamars technology linking to our own software Agri-Ignite, farms are able to transfer collated readings onto their own farm dashboard. Along with weight data, sward readings from fields are also recorded. After the initial first weighing of these involved lambs, the follow up weighing is where the Happy Factor algorithm is factored in (along with dung samples being gathered). If identified as a “Happy” lamb this individual will be released. Whereas those lambs flagging as being “Sad” are ones who would benefit from being wormed, therefore reducing the worm burden on the farm and using less medication.


The newest member to our team has joined us through the Kickstart programme. Rory Graham joined the team at Owen Farm Services in August. The Kickstart scheme is a national training programme created by the Government to help young people gain new skills and work experience. This scheme provides an opportunity to begin a career in a new industry, thus contributing to the economic recovery post pandemic. Rory is currently soil sampling around Scotland and the North of England.


Meet The Team – Staff Feature

Job title: Trainee Agricultural Consultant

How long working within company: Started February 2021.
Background: From a sheep farm from Westerkirk, Natalie joined the team in her final stages of her degree in Applied Animal Science and at the beginning of IACs time. You will often see Natalie’s sheep featuring in our social Media post.
Specialism: Coordinator of Soil sampling and actively involved in the Smart Sheep Programme.

Fun Fact: When making a cup of tea Natalie puts the milk in first before the hot water. She insists this is the proper way to make a cup of tea.


Further Information

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