Prime Cattle In Short Supply At Dumfries Primestock Sale 23.08.2017

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly Sale of Primestock in Dumfries.

108 Cattle Forward:

8 Prime Cattle: In Short Supply and In Demand.

Limousin Heifers to 234p from Pendicle selling to R Johnstone & Sons Butcher, Annan. Another Limousin Heifer from the same home sold to 228p going to John Scott Meat, Paisley.

100 OTM Cattle: More Parlour Type Dairy Cows Forward. All Classes Meeting Brisk Competition.

43 Beef cows Averaged 142p/kg to 183p/kg and £1357.20

53 Dairy Cows Averaged 111.1p/kg to 152p/kg and £1117.60

4 Bulls Averaged 122.4p/kg to 129p/kg and £1354

Per Head

Angus to £1357.20 Raeburnhead, £1341 Bogue, £1122.55, £1071 Druidhall

Blonde to £1281 Maryfield

Charolais to £1146.10 Bogue

Limousin to £1144.80 £1121.80, £994 Merrick, £1014 Glenstockdale, £1008 Gillesbie, £976.80 Drumburn.

Holstein to £1117.60 Newhouse, £1004.80 Dryburgh, £964.80 Smallholmburn

Hereford to £1072.80 Meikle Barncleugh

Norweign Red £1045.20 Mortonholm

Luing to £1036.80 Barnbackle

Devon to £1013.80 Sweetbit

British Friesian to £986

Simmental to £957 Glenstockdale

Ayrshire to £903 Lagganlees

Per Kilo

Blonde to 183p Maryfield

Angus to 170p, 157p (x2) Druidhall, 164p Gillesbie, 159p Copewood, 156p Raeburnhead, 149p Bogue, 144p Lyneholm House, 139p Barnbackle.

Limousin to 159p,158p, 142p Merrick, 156p Glenstockdale, 148p Drumburn, 147p, 144p, 138p Gillesbie.

Charolais to 157p Bogue

Holstein to 157p, 150p, 145p Dryburgh,147p Gamerigg, 136p, 123p Mortonholm, 134p, 131p, 129p Smallholmburn,127p Netherwood, 127p Newhouse,124p Kerricks.

Hereford to 149p (x2) Meikle Barncleugh

Simmental to 145p, Glenstockdale, 133p Merrick

Galloway to 145p Polquhanity, 139p Barfil

British Friesian to 145p, 131p Kirkland

Luing to 144p Barnbackle

British Blue to 141p Glenstockdale

Beef Shorthorn to 138p Polquhanity, 133p Lyneholm House

Devon to 137p Sweetbit

Norweign Red to 134p (x2), 127p Mortonholm

Ayrshire to 129p Lagganlees

Simmental Bull to 129p Gillesbie

Angus Bull to 127p Fardingjames



2015 Prime sheep Forward

1123 Prime Lambs: Trade Eased Back, Again Fleshed Lambs Continue to be Wanted.

209 Lambs (32.1kg – 39kg) Ave 181p/kg to 208/kg Stewarton

Texel to £77 Stewarton, £75.50 Dressertland Cottage, £71 East Lanegate, £71 High Cairn

803 Lambs (39.1kg –45.5kg) Ave 183.6p/kg to 205/kg Netherton

Texel to £90, £85 Netherton, £87 Dressertland Cottage, £85.50 (x2) Auchenfad, £84.50 Springfield

Beltex to £88, £84 Netherton

Suffolk to £83.50, £82 Lanarkland, £82 Cushag, £82, £81, £80.50 Swyre, £80 New, £80 Mull of Galloway.

Zwartble to £80 Greenwrae

Cross to £75 Nether Gribton, £72.50 Belzies

111 Lambs (45.6kg – 52kg) Ave 178p/kg to 204p/kg Netherton

Texel to £96 Netherton, £87.50 Fardingjames, £87 Auchenfad, £87 Clydeside, £86.50 Lochhill, £86.50 Barbush, £85.50 Greenwrae Croft, £85 Springfield Hill, £85 Belzies

Suffolk to £86 West Lanegate, £85 Springfield hill

Cross to £72 Dornal

892 Cast ewes and rams: Large Show Foreward, Easier on the Week.

Cast ewes:

Texel to £121.50 Dressertland Cottage, £119 Midlock, £100 Druidhall, £90.50 Belridding.

Suffolk to £85.50 Bankswood,

Half-Bred to £95.50 West Lanegate

Blue Leicester to £81.50 Fardingjames

Cross to £80.50 Ballaggan , £80.50, £78.50 New Mains

Cheviot- Mule to £80.50 Belridding

Lleyn to £73.50 Bennan

Cheviot to £70.50 Fardingjames

Blackface to £60.50 Fardingjames

Cast Rams:

Texel £115.50 Newmains

Suffolk to £114.50 Marr

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