South West Scotland Holstein Club – Herd Competition 2021 Results

With entries from all over the area, the competition took place over three days last week, and was judged by Mr Mungo Bryson, Whiteflat Farm, Mauchline. 

Eleven exhibitors entered, two of which were new entrants, making it great competition, . It was great to have as many, making it worthwhile for the competitors and the judge who gave up his time.

With very few agricultural shows in the calendar this year,  this sort of competition was a great opportunity for some of these animals to receive the recognition they deserve.

The Firm of A Harvey from The Drum Farm, Beeswing won the South West Scotland Holstein Clubs Top award, the Clydesdale Bank Trophy for overall Production and Inspection. The competition was kindly sponsored by Harrison and Hetherington, who are great supporters of the club.

South West Scotland Holstein Club


Judge : Mr Mungo Bryson

Clydesdale Bank Trophy              Points                                    Herds Production/Inspection

1st     Firm of A Harvey          3688                              The Drum

2nd     Mr Brian Yates             3564                              East Logan

3rd     Mr Willie Fleming        3533                              Hillhead

4th     Mr Alistair Marshall     3450                              Hardgrove Farm


Largs Trophy                                                                                   Herd Inspection

1st     Mr Steven Roan           1910                              Boreland of Colvend

2nd    Mr Brian Yates              1880                              East Logan

3rd        Mr Willie Fleming        1830                              Hillhead

4th     Firm of A Harvey          1780                              The Drum


Robert Miller Trophy                                                                  Herd Production


1st      Firm of A Harvey         1908                              The Drum

2nd     Mr Willie Fleming        1703                              Hillhead

3rd     Mr Alistair Marshall     1700                              Hardgrove Farm

4th     Mr Brian Yates             1684                              East Logan


Flobay Trophy                                                                                New Entrant

Mr Alistair Marshall                                                           Hardgrove Farm

Greenacres Trophy                                                                       Lowest Somatic Cell Count

Firm of A Harvey                             78               The Drum


Harrison and Hetherington Trophy                                         Single Homebred Cow

1st  Mr Brian Yates                                                        Logan Estate Jazz

2nd Mr Steven Roan                                                     Colvend Doorman Sage

3rd Mr Willie Fleming                                                   Hillhead Pepper Jeanie

4th Mr David Yates                                                       Meiklefirth Doorman Lutske




Robert Callender Trophy                                                            Single Homebred Heifer

1st  Mr David Yates                                                                        Meiklefirth Allclass Polly

2nd Mr Steven Roan                                                     Colvend Doorman Sara

3rd Mr Brian Yates                                                        Eastford Integral Kiwi

4th Mr Robert Agnew                                                   Dhuloch Electric Irina


Inchcairn Trophy                                                                            70 tonne Production Cow

1st  Mr Willie Fleming                                                  Hillhead Javier Georgie

2nd Mr Steven Roan                                                     Colvend Fever Lorraine

3rd Mr Brian Yates                                                        Logan Goldchip Finesse

4th Mr Alistair Marshall                                               Hardgrove Swanny 310


Scotfarm Supplies Trophy                                                          Progeny Group


1st Mr Steven Roan                                                      Wiltor Drummer

2nd Mr David Yates                                                      Seagull – Bay Silver

3rd Mr Robert Wallace – Sypland                               Soprano

4th Mr Robert Agnew                                                  Berryholme Electric


John G Taylor Trophy                                                                   Cows Family

1st Mr Willie Fleming                                                   Hillhead Javier Georgie

Hillhead Imax Georgie

2nd Mr Steven Roan                                                     Colvend Rocket Rolls

Colvend Outfitter Rolls

3rd  Mr Brian Yates                                                       Logan Grazie Ambrosia

Logan Doorman Ambrosia 4

4th Mr Alistair Marshall                                                Hardgrove Princess 111

Hardgrove Princess 114


Criddle – Burgess Trophy                                                            Best Animal “Bought In”


1st Mr Steven Roan                                                     Bowberhill Uno Mandy 2

2nd Mr Brian Yates                                                       Damm Beemer Lavish

3rd Mr David Yates                                                       Warnelview Mogul Angela

4th Mr Fraser Nicholson                                              Newcroft Fitz Honey

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