Successful South West Scotland Dairy Show 2021

South West Scotland Dairy Show took place at Wallets Mart, Castle Douglas on Wednesday 27th October with 47 head of dairy cattle forward representing Holstein, Jersey and Ayrshire breeds. The show was enthusiastically supported and enjoyed by exhibitors, spectators and sponsors.


Officiating the show was Robbie Scott from the Nethervalley herd, Ayrshire. He certainly had his work cut out, firstly with the calf and showmanship classes, then in some strongly contested Holstein classes.


Andrew Roan from Colvend had a successful night winning both the calf classes, before taking the Calf Championship with his family’s Jersey heifer, Logan Engineer Glitter, sired by Enniskillen Engineer.


Standing reserve champion was the second place senior calf, Tintoview Milio Vray 2 from the Buchanan family, Ballantrae. Her dam is full sister to Swiss Expo 2016 Champion Galys Vray EX94.


In the senior showmanship it was Kacie McCormick who took the red ribbon, while five-year-old Isla Davidson triumphed in the junior showmanship class.


Securing the Ayrshire Championship was Allan Clark from Glenluce on the halter of Fineview Indy. This Fineview Thunder daughter calved her third in April and is due again in March. She is giving 31 litres a day at 5.12%bf and 3.73%p, projected to give 9388 litres.

Reserve went to a non-pedigree entry from W P Callander, Crocketford. This second calver is sired by Rockstar.


In the Jersey Championship, the Buchanan family took top honours with Tintoview Tequila Molly, a second calved Tower Vue Prime Tequilla daughter. On her debut show outing, this young cow is giving 36 litres a day.


Standing reserve in the Jersey championship was the winning heifer in milk, Logan Joel Glitter VG85 from the Yates family, also on her first time out.


Taking top honours in the Holstein championship was Logan Estate Jazz EX93 from the Yates family. Sired by EDG Esther Estate 8132, this third calver recently stood first place four year old at UK Dairy Day, Telford. She has previously stood intermediate champion at UK Dairy Expo 2020 and Super Heifer, AgriScot 2019.


Standing reserve champion was second calver Errolston Brew Master P Ricki VG88 from the Davidson family, Gretna. Fresh in June she is one of five members of the Ricki family to stand reserve champion at the South West Scotland Dairy Show.


The show committee would like to extend their thanks to everyone who makes the show such a success.


Judge: Robbie Scott, Nethervalley

Interbreed, Junior Calf class, born in 2021

1, Colvend Royal Crown Sage (Blondin J Crown Royal), Steven Roan,
2, Tintoview Kingpin Margot (Kerndtway Kingpin), Buchanan Family
3, Meiklefirth Impact Flora (Aardema Impact), Firthhead Partners
4, Halmyre Urr Ladybird 564 (Pam Ayrs Hawaiian), Keith Davidson
5, Ceeingred Unstopabull Rachel (Riverdown Unstopabull Red)
6, Ceeingred R Storm Scarlet Red (SHG Rainstorm-Red), Gary McCormick
7, Meiklefirth J Reeve Poppy (Mr Stone-Front Reeve-Red)
8, Cormick Call Me Minnie Moo (Audibel Jordan), Donna Patterson
9, Cormick Call Me Maggie May (Audibel Jordan), David McCormick
10, Ceeingred Rainstorm Scarlet (SHR Rainstorm-Red), Gary McCormick
11, Ceeingred Rainstorm Rachel Red (SHG Rainstorm-Red), Gary McCormick

Interbreed Senior Calf class, born between 1st July 2020 and 31st December 2020

1, Logan Engineer Glitter (Enniskillen Engineer), Steven Roan
2, Tintoview Milio Vray 2 (Eclipse Milio), Buchanan Family
3, Halmyre Urr Magic Angelina (Brieryside Magic), Keith Davidson
4, Cormick Denver Rachel (Brenland Denver), David McCormick
5, Cormick Call Me Ruby (Rivervalley Victoriouse), Donna Patterson

Champion Calf: Logan Engineer Glitter (Enniskillen Engineer), Steven Roan
Reserve Calf: Tintoview Milio Vray 2 (Eclipse Milio), Buchanan Family

Junior Showmanship

1, Isla Davidson
2, Harry McCormick
3, Douglas Patterson
4, Milly McCormick
5, Sophie Brown
6, Lucas Brown

Senior Showmanship

1, Kacie McCormick
2, Katlyn McCormick
3, Andrew Roan
4, Ruby Patterson

Ayrshire Heifer in Milk

1, Fineview Joker Jalna (East Drumlemble Joker), R & S Clark
2, West Mossgiel Cherub 239 (West Mossgiel Futoro), Richard Baynes
3 and BU, Non-Pedigree (Sympati Pat Red), WP Callander
4, Non-Pedigree (Poldark), Jennifer Picken

Holstein Heifer in Milk

1 and BU, Eastford Integral Kiwi (Blondin Integral), Brian Yates
2, Colvend Doorman Sara (Val-Bisson Doorman), Steven Roan
3, Sypland Chamber Buttercup (Matcrest Chamber), Robert Wallace
4, Hillhead Crushabull Erle (OH-Rivver-SYC Crushabull), Steven Roan
5, Errolston Presto FH Ricki (Vekis Presto), B&V Davidson

Jersey Heifer in Milk

1 and BU, Logan Joel Glitter (Guimo Joel), Brian Yates
2, Cormick Call Me Mollie J (Jars of Clay Barnabas), Donna Patterson

Ayrshire Junior Cow in Milk

1 and BU, Non-Pedgree (Rockstar), WP Callander
2, Knowe Miss Donald 46 (Knowe Silver Respect), Richard Baynes
3, Culroy Obilque Amey (Hilltown Oblique), W A McDowall

Holstein Junior Cow in Milk

1 and BU, Errolston Brew Master P Ricki (Mapel Wood Brewmaster), B&V Davidson
2, Eastford Diamondback Tabitha 2 (Mr D Apple Diamondback), Brian Yates
3, Brownfield Rocker Denise (Colvend Rocker) R C Gemmell
4, Bengairn Dalliance Tulip (Wilder Dalliance), Robert Wallace
5, Newhousefarm E Gerard Frolic 2 (Errolston Gerard), Newhouse Farms Ltd
6, Non-Pedigree (Ladys-Manor Lamar), Jennifer Picken

Jersey Cow in Milk

1 and BU, Tintoview Tequila Molly (Tower Vue Prime Tequila), Buchanan Family
2, Tintoview May Blondie (DJ May)

Ayrshire Senior Cow in Milk

1, Fineview Indy (Fineview Thunder), R & S Clark

Holstein Senior Cow in Milk

1, Logan Estate Jazz (EDG Esther Estate), Brian Yates
2, Meiklefirth Megaman Lutske (Farnear-Megaman 119), Firthhead Partners
3, Colvend Salt Sara (Delaberge Salt), Steven Roan
4, Colvend Doorman Sage (Val-Bisson Doorman), Steven Roan
5, Brownfield Bogart Dimple (Macomber O-Man Bogart), RC Gemmell
6, Logan Auto Gold Barb 2 (Logan Auto Gold), Brian Yates
7, Sypland Cancun Mimi (Larcrest Cancun), Robert Wallace
8, Sypland Contour Pauline (Larcrest Contour), Robert Wallace
9, Non-Pedigree (Soprano Brooke), Jennifer Picken

Interbreed 50 Tonne Production Class

1, Brownfield Bogart Dimple (Macomber O-Man Bogart), RC Gemmell
2, Riverdane Snowy Ashlyn (Picston Shottle), Firthhead Partners

Champion Ayrshire & Exhibitor Bred Champion: Fineview Indy (Fineview Thunder), R & S Clark
Reserve Champion Ayrshire: Non-Pedigree (Rockstar), WP Callander

Champion Jersey & Exhibitor Bred Champion: Tintoview Tequilla Molly (Tower Vue Prime Tequilla), Buchanan Family
Reserve Champion Jersey: Logan Joel Glitter (Guimo Joel), Brian Yates

Champion Holstein & Exhibitor Bred Champion: Logan Estate Jazz (EDG Esther Estate), Brian Yates
Reserve Champion Holstein: Errolston Brew Master P Ricki (), B & V Davidson


South West Dairy Show 2021132: Champion Calf Logan Engineer Glitter with Andrew Roan and Julie Maxwell from sponsor Farmfit.

South West Dairy Show 2021139: Enthusiastic line up in the junior showmanship class.

South West Dairy Show 2021169: Winner of the Senior Showmanship class Kacie McCormick with Annabelle Hiddleston from sponsor Solway Recycling.

South West Dairy Show 2021449: Ayrshire Champion, Fineview Indy from R & S Clark, Glenluce.

South West Dairy Show 2021460: Ayrshire Champion from R & S Clark, Glenluce, and Reserve from WP Callander, Crocketford.

South West Dairy Show 2021488: Douglas Buchanan with Jersey Champion, Tintoview Tequila Molly, with Linsey Maxwell from sponsor World Wide Sires.

South West Dairy Show 2021386: Impressive line up of Senior Holstein cows in milk.

Champion Holstein – Logan Estate Jazz: Logan Estate Jazz, from the Yates family stood Holstein champion.

Photographs Courtesy of Keith Kirk Photography


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