Two Local Companies Unite To Help Farms Solve Slurry Storage Issues

A new round of AECS grants is available for eligible businesses that house livestock on slurry based systems with less than six months of storage capacity.

Parc Construction Ltd has teamed up with Dumfries based GTR Contracts to offer you the complete solution to your slurry storage project. Between the two businesses, we can offer a solution to your storage requirements.

Parc Construction is passionate about construction and the built environment. Parc
Construction will manage your slurry storage project from start to finish, giving our clients a hassle-free experience. If your project calls for an above-ground tank, Parc Construction has it covered. Parc Construction is the approved supplier and builder of Permastore Agricultural tanks in Dumfries and Galloway and has over 15 years of experience erecting these tanks. If your project calls for another solution, we also have this covered.

GTR Contracts is a name that is synonymous with quality, reliability and excellence within the Agricultural Industry. GTR Contracts will provide all civil services, including earth-banked lagoon construction, drainage works, grading and earthworks, road construction, concrete works, aggregate supply, and disposal.

• If your lagoon calls for a specialist HDPE liner, we have this covered, too, with trained and
qualified installers on hand. Parc Construction and GTR Contracts can assist with various other projects, including effluent tanks, silage clamps, sheds, general earthworks, drainage, roading, concrete, and hardscaping services.

• You can connect with each company via www.parcconstruction.co.uk or www.gtrcontracts.co.uk, and they will be happy to help you with your project at every stage, including concept and planning, budgeting and construction.

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