Union Keeps Farmers & Crofters Fully Informed With Covid-19 Updates

NFU Scotland is also providing a draft letter for employers where staff must move where it is essential to food production

In recent days NFU Scotland has set up a dedicated page on its website to provide farmers and crofters with the most up to date information relating to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Information is available to members on a number of issues implicated by the situation.  This includes guidance on employment, quality assurance and specific commodity updates.

NFU Scotland has also provided a draft letter which could be customised by employers whose staff must be able to move in order to keep agriculture and Scottish food production and the entire food chain functioning.

NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick who farms in Dumfries and Galloway said “The First Minister has been clear that food production is part of our critical national infrastructure and should continue where it is necessary.  Farmers, crofters and growers in Scotland are doing their part to keep the nation fed, with tremendous support from ancillary industries.
“NFU Scotland staff have been working hard to ensure that relevant information is being collected and is easily accessible in the new section of our website on coronavirus.
“Our website includes information for employers whose staff members must travel to enable continued food production, provided social distancing is maintained.
“This is a challenging time across our society, across families and communities, and it’s necessary that everyone respects official guidance in our joint effort to tackle this disease.  Food production in Scotland is absolutely essential in ensuring the provision of fresh and nutritious food for consumers and we will continue to work with relevant authorities to ensure that farming continues to perform its vital role”

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